So at my school, we have a lot of people who are or, in many cases, claim to be poets. Me, as the able-minded nutcase of a TV writer I aspire to be, kinda frown upon these types.
Perhaps it's just the way my mind is, or how my brain is programmed, but poetry seems like a bunch of bullshit. I'm not afraid to say that either, mainly because most of you do not know me.
But anyways, it all really sounds the same, and I get it if that's you're form of expression, but when you ask me, "Whatdidjathink?" I honest to fucking god have no real response.
There are two routes you can take: Either high road of "Wow, that was brilliant. You're a reincarnation of Kerouac!"

Or the much more favorable, but far less taken path of "Dude, what the fuck was that? It's bullshit is what it is! Why can't you write like a normal schmuck?"
A lot of it is so generic, but just different inflections in voice or speech pattern.
It's not even that I dont like them that much, but that I just cannot stand to see some people's reactions! I recall my english teacher CRYING after one kid performed his poem. He didn't seem to have much enthusiasm in it, but I'm giving him the benefit of being not talented. But when I try to talk to people about one of the screenplays I try to write, like Briefs (Scrubs, but with lawyers) people call me nuts.

I'm just rambling now. Don't judge me.
To conclude, poetry bad,  prose good.