In Land of the Free, we will post some of our favorite political quotes that have been overheard in conversations, seen through Facebook news feeds, or taken from your 90-year-old grandmother. If you have some quotes you'd like to share, email them to We will keep these die hard patriots anonymous.

Here are the quotes for today:

"hopefully tonite i wont be in need of a translator to understand people….its hard sometimes to remember that were actually in america..3 words great wall of america"

I almost needed a translator for that status.

"Barnie Frank is not a politician. He's a terrorist, and he supports gay radicals!"

Are they like insurgents?

"Islam and the Ku Klux Klan are basically the same thing."

I think you're confused.

"Barack Obama isn't smart. He's really uneducated."

Occidental, Columbia, and Harvard. The guy is clearly an idiot!

"Obama isn't a U.S. citizen! He shouldn't be President. I'll tell you what, I can't wait until 2012. I hope Schwarzenegger runs."

You do realize he's…nevermind.