Some of you might rememeber Anna Chapman, the saucy Russian spy who was deported from Britain for espionage. Well she's recently been rewarded with a rather unusual gift… a lion.
An. Actual. Lion.
It's called Nano, as opposed to Shuffle or Touch, and in case I haven't mentioned: IT'S A FREAKING LION.
If that's daytime T.V in Russia it beats ours. I can't wait to watch some Russian children's televison…
Anyway it makes sense in a way. Lions have always represented courage and you need bucketfulls of courage to be a spy. But I quite like this idea of giving someone a present to suit them; maybe we could try it with politicians.

My late Christmas presents:-
Sarah Palin: A rotweiler because it's mad, bad and I have a distinct feeling it eats baby seals.

Christine O'Donnell: A raven because I think I heard she needed one to sacrifice in her latest "experiment".

Barack Obama: A skunk because it's one living creature he can honestly say he's more popular than.

Rand Paul: A sheep because if I give him enough sheep there's a chance I'll re-unite him with his long lost brother.

Arnold Schwarzeneggor: A terminator. I know it's not technically an animal but come on; it is Arny.