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I recently had a bad break up with a long-term girlfriend. To me, the worst part was coming to terms with the complete personality change she underwent afterward. Whenever I'm feeling down, I think of how much worse it must have been for Jim Raynor of StarCraft when Sarah Kerrigan became the Queen of Blades.

I once spent 15 out of the 16 hours I was awake playing Runescape… on Christmas.

I took the GRE recently. After the test I was presented with the experimental analytical writing section. This upset me greatly. I had just gotten through taking the GRE, the last thing I felt like doing was writing another essay. Instead, I ignored the prompt and wrote Dr. Who/ Halo crossover fanfiction. At least this way I figure someone will actually read it.

In response to the Scott Pilgrim manga submission in issue #55: I cannot express to you how furious this made me. The Scott Pilgrim novel reads left to right, yes, but so does Inuyasha, Blade of the Immortal, and many other manga books before they became popular. "Flopping" the pages to read left to right was a popular practice in translating, as it made the books easier to read. Reading a graphic novel, which has the exact same shape and layout of a manga novel, from left to right IS enough to excite an otaku.

People in my high school call me "Rubik's Cube Guy."
-Anonymous Rubik's Cube Guy

Last Halloween my friends had a party. A girl I knew wore a crappy costume of Nyota Uhura from Star Trek. I was pissed, not just because she wore a tank dress with a v-neck instead of a long sleeve turtle neck and skirt, but mainly because she had on an engineer badge instead of a communications officer badge. I let her be for a, but after I got drunk I demeaned her to the point that she cried. She deserved it.

And the "Most Pwned Life" Award goes to:
Three years ago, on Christmas Eve, my house burned down. My mom was in the hospital, and my dog and cat were missing. To try and cheer my brothers and I up, my dad, who had all our Christmas gifts with him at the time, let us open all the presents. Every single gift I received was an accessory to a video game console, all of which burned in the fire.
-Cody. Sorry, buddy. Hope things have picked up for ya.