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My boyfriend likes to play this game where he rolls over completely on top of me and then goes completely limp while I struggle to get him off of me. It's his "what would you do if I passed out during sex and you needed to save my life" game.


I had recently been seeing this girl for awhile. One night we were doing our business. I got very into it and into one of my favorite positions. After we both reached our goals and I fell back with that awesome rush of accomplishment and testosterone she says "I just decided thats my least favorite position…"


I do not let my boyfriend "go off" in my mouth. No, not because its gross, or it tastes bad, or makes me gag. The way I figure it, my birth control costs me $50 per month and I am going to get my money's worth every single time. Doing it in my mouth is a waste of my hard earned cash!


I was playing TF-2 at my girlfriend's house. She watched and fed me so i didn't have to stop playing or look away from the screen. Best girlfriend ever.


When my boyfriend and I started dating, his parents asked his sister to find pictures of me on facebook. The only pictures my boyfriend and I were in together were from a classy vs trashy party, where I had my thong out and exposed, wearing a ripped up t-shirt that said "got implants" and had a tramp stamp drawn on of a giant penis with wings. His parents then decided they needed to have a long talk about the kinds of girls he's dating….


I was with a girl for over 2 years. It was long-distance (I live in Texas, she lives in Kansas). We were engaged, and we also had plans that I would move in with her and her parents after I graduated. Her parents were fine with it and everything. Come week of graduation, she breaks up with me because we were "too far away" (I already had basically everything unessential packed and ready to move). Not even 2 months later, she's "engaged" to another guy. In the military. Stationed in Iraq for the next year.


I once asked one of my ex-girlfriends what her favorite part of my looks was. She told me she wasn't sure, because she and her friends originally thought I was ugly. Thanks.


Whenever my girlfriend takes her macbook to the toilet, she puts it down on the ground and faces it away from her while she wipes because she is scared that the webcam might be "watching her."