Do your parents not understand technology? Do they ask you stupid questions? Do they send you absurd text messages? Do they use words like "MyFace," "SpaceBook," or "The World Wide Web?"
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And thank God we'll never be as dumb as they are!

When it first came out, I went and saw The Social Network. The theater I was in was just packed with people. About an hour into the movie, I hear a middle aged woman's voice say to whoever she was with, "They're talking about that Myspace thing, right?"
Francis Brian Shaw

Whenever my mom is on the internet we can only stand in certain spots in the room because anywhere else she thinks that the wireless signal will be "blocked."
Kimberly K from Towson University

My parents have been having computer issues lately, nothing major it's just running slow. My dad's idea to get it fixed? "Call the Google Guys."
Kyle E

I don't think my grandmother understands the point of texting. One time I missed her phone call and instead of texting me her question she sent me a text saying "Please Call". When I called her back she told me she was looking at some shoes and wanted to know what size shoe I wear but now its too late because she already left the store.
Deziree Lewis from Arizona State

My girlfriend and her mom were on the computer, and opened up internet explorer. Her mom said "Oh! I think I've been on this website before!" to which my girlfriend replied: "Mom, this is Google."
Damian Panciera

A few years ago, we bought my grandmother her first cell phone, despite her resistance to technology. My dad and I called her a few days later. She answers and says, "How did you know I was at the mall?" I didn't even know how to respond.
jonathan kinsey from Virginia Tech

Yesterday my dad asked me to help him post his classic car on "craigshit." I told him I would. When I opened up my laptop to begin the task he yelled, "Wait do it on my computer I don't want them to reply to yours."
Gina Hernandez from San Jose State University

Last week, my grandma, mom, sister and I went to the mall and my grandma fell on the sidewalk (she's fine). We decided to call an ambulance and my mom frantically asks, "How do you call 911 on a cell phone?"
Mitch F

I saw my mother struggling to upload some photos to Facebook, so I tried to help. I asked her to find where she had stored the files, so she did and then asked me which photo she thought was best. I was confused, as it would make more sense to upload them all. So I looked, and every photo was the same… She'd taken pictures of an image in an email from her phone.
Mr. Plow from QMGS

My dad recently bought The HTC Evo. First of all, his fingers are as big as snickers bars so he can barely press the buttons, and every time he has a problem with the phone he brings it to me (which is EVERYDAY). He has no idea how to use it…I wanted that phone.
stacie Reeves from CCS

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