Head Designer: Alright guys I know you're tired but as soon as we finish wiring the giant lightbulb wall with fireworks we can go home.

Designer 1: Thank god I haven't seen my family since we had to recreate every scene in the rocky horror picture show.

Designer 2: Oh you mean the set for the play they didn't even put on.

Designer 1: Yeah I still don't know where they get the budget for these things.

Head Designer: Guys I thought I told you before to never question where we get our money from.

Designer 1: Well I don't care where it comes from as long as I get my paycheck cause I'm looking at a fortune in overtime.

Head Designer: Yeah about that you're not actually getting paid for this.

Designer 1: Um could you repeat that.

Head Designer: I thought you guys knew that.

Designer 1: No we didn't know that.

Head Designer: Well you didn't think we had the budget to both build a million dollar set and pay you guys.

Designer 1: Well why else would I work 4 straight days setting up an indoor rain and drainage system.

Head Designer: Duh so the glee club can learn about friendship.

Designer 1: And the rocky horror picture show.

Head Designer: So they can learn about expressing who they truly are.

Designer 1:

Head Designer: I thought it was pretty obvious.

Designer 1: So we're not getting paid for any of the work we've done.

Head Designer: No, but you are learning life lessons about teamwork and perseverance which is even better than money.

Designer 2: But Chris had a psychotic episode from sleep deprivation and had to be committed.

Head Designer: And when he's released from Sunnywood he'll be grateful for all he's learned and proud of how he helped a plucky band of misfits come together.

(A new guy enters)

New guy: Hey guys change of plans could you instead build the deck of the Titanic.

Designer 1: Why.

New guy: Well the glee clubs teacher decided that learning about passion would help change their lives.

Head Designer: C'mon guys who wants to change some lives.

(Every Designer leaves)

Head Designer: Shit… hey you there in the band could I get some help.

Band member: Are you kidding me I have to learn to play the violin by tomorrow.