Pathetically, most songs at the top of the charts are same old, same old—all about sex, broken hearts, partying, and sex.  But recently, many popular artists have been getting more creative:


Bruno Mars

In this hit, Bruno lends his voice to the voiceless and speaks of the age-old tension between famous actors and their stunt doubles.  Stunt doubles do everything—grenades, bloody blades, train accidents, bullet wounds, fire, high speed chases (with the car brakes removed), and rarely get any recognition in return.

Tonight I'm F**kin' You
Enrique Inglesias
Twilight groupie Enrique Inglesias addresses Taylor Lautner in this popular song.  For some reason he thinks he's been bitten by Lautner. During the day, Enrique feels fine—after all, he's been to every nation—but at night, he turns into a werewolf, or so he hopes. "Tonight, I'm YOU!" he tells Taylor in the song, though with slightly spicier language.

Black and Yellow
Wiz Khalifa
After hearing about the tragic death of a young child by animal bite, Wiz Khalifa composed this important safety song for children to recognize the difference between harmless snakes (usually brown or green) and venomous ones (black and yellow stripes.)
So kids, when you see a black and yellow snake, Yeah, uh huh, You Know What It Is—it's venomous!

What's My Name
Another example of famous artists putting their talents to public service.  In this PSA, Rihanna promotes awareness for Alzheimer's disease.  When an Alzheimer's patient looks disoriented and lost, he/she should be asked A) What's his/her name and B) What's his/her number.

We R Who We R
In this poignant piece, Ke$ha encourages those with low self-esteem to be proud of their individuality and to live purpose-driven lives.  Predictably, it has been adopted as the official song of Toys-R-Us.

Katy Perry
Like typical Katy Perry songs, Firework is all about sex.
More surprising, however, is her lesser-known song, Let Me See Your Peacock, a song dedicated to combating cruelty towards animals.  Thanks to the song, many have instituted "Peacock checks" to ensure that nobody gets away with animal torture, especially the torturing of these majestic birds.