My boyfriend and I have no lives. Therefore, when we're not playing Scrabble on a Saturday night, we like to mess with people on Omegle (and by people I mean the 14-year olds that still use

Our question of the day was "Would you rather have sex with a panda or be raped by a koala?" The overwhelming majority was panda. I suppose it's due to the panda's elusive nature. Here are the answers we recieved from people. All of the reactions are exactly what the stranger on the other side said, word for word, grammatical errors included.

  1. …wow neitherrr :)
  2. I’d rather be raped by u. bitch ass ho suck my dick. All 28 inches of it. Cya jackwagon bitch ass ho.
  3. Sex with a panda.
  4. Koala theyre smaller. I could overpower it.
  5. Neither? :L
  6. –disconnected
  7. F o m?
  8. …I’d rather shove a dildo up your ass you retard
  9. This is how to find hot girls on Omegle – www[dot]BabesOfOmegle[dot]com
  10. –disconnected
  11. Heyya uhhh non.
  12. Panda.
  13. Neither
  14. –disconnected
  15. Sex with a panda. I don’t like getting raped. So I will pick a female panda, a good looking one and exchange fluids. That would be better than getting raped. Pandas are sexier anyway. But I am afraid my 6 or 7 inches will be too much for her. What do you prefer?
  16. –disconnected
  17. Hi (: sex with panda I don’t want to be raped by anything
  18. Yes, with a koala fuck you
  19. This is how to find hot girls on Omegle – www[dot]BabesOfOmegle[dot]com
  20. Panda
  21. Panda is better
  22. What an odd question… I pick C.
  23. –disconnected
  24. As the dark lord, i feel that my command would be more effective if i had a mustache. Who’s on top? With the panda?
  25. Epic win.
  26. koala's are too lethargic to rape anyone due to their eucalyptus leaf diet
  27. didn’t respond.
  28. Koala. Dur.
  29. Hey asl? And panda. Koala are huge. It stretch me so bad.
  30. -disconnected