In another attempt to mess with the 14-year-old population through the wonderful world of omegle, I discovered 2 things: there are a lot of horny 15-year-old guys and not a lot of people actually paid attention to the question of the day: Would you rather be attacked by a kitten wielding a cactus or a bear?

 1. Hey I'll make it simple for ya…..if you were hoping to converse with a girl..go ahead and disconnect coz I'm a guy


3. Hiiiii

4. –disconnected

5. –disconnected

6. What for a question is that??

7. horny M 15 here with msn and skype

8. Katie?

9. –disconnected

10.  No

11.  –disconnected

12.  –disconnected

13.  Horny boy here

14.  Hey. A kitten obviously, you?

15.  Hi.

16.  –disconnected

17.  Hey. Asl?

18.  –disconnected

19.  –disconnected

20.  –disconnected

21.  This is how to find hot girls on Omegle – www[dot]BabesOfOmegle[dot]com

22.   –disconnected

23.  Hi im a MALE European looking for a HORNY girl who is up for CHAT SEX

24.  You awaken to the cry of gulls and a cool breeze on your face. The small, hay mattress that you're on pokes you uncomfortably as you sit up to gaze about your surroundings. You happen to be in a ramshackle hut with wooden walls and a few broken windows. The entrance way is doorless, but blocked by a hulking snailman. His gross, slime-spewing skin oozes with gelatinous liquids and his eyes rotate madly on their long stalks. A large shell sits upon his back, supposedly covering his more valuable organs. Talking quick, you glace around for… anything. On the table to your right his a lamp, although it doesn't look functional. The shade is gone, but the light bulb still seems to be there. A small notebook also sits upon the nightstand with a small pen. Something heavy is moving about your pocket, seemingly of its own accord, but you know not what it is.

25.  –disconnected

26.  Neither thx though

27.  –disconnected

28.  –disconnected

29.  Hi! What is You’re a/s/l please?

30.  –disconnected

31.  –disconnected

32.  Hey there whats your name?

33.  –disconnected

34.  –disconnected

35.  hi im 15 and im 8 inch long