Do your parents not understand technology? Do they ask you stupid questions? Do they send you absurd text messages? Do they use words like "MyFace," "SpaceBook," or "The World Wide Web?"
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And thank God we'll never be as dumb as they are!

Last summer, I got in trouble because I didn't know how to "hack" my parents' online banking password after they said "it says we don't have the right information." They forgot their username and password, and passed the blame on me as I am the "techy" person in the family and "should know how to fix this stuff." After I told them I couldn't help them, they accused me of being selfish.
Alannah Darnel from SFU

Today my grandmother, who is usually pretty good with technology, read about how you could be entered into a drawing to win a stuffed animal that a profile on Facebook was promoting, if you hit the like button on their photo album. She told me that she couldn't find the like button anywhere, so she just typed in 'like' and posted it, "but it just stays there, in black text, and doesn't go away!" She was absolutely convinced that she was doing what they asked.
Tristan Seroff

My mom brought home a copy of Norton AntiVirus for "everyone to use." I already own a Macbook, so I had no need for it. She was confused when I told her that. She then demanded that I "put the Norton on the office computer." I started installation, and told her I had to go back to do my homework. I told her, "When it tells you to, enter the key in the box on the screen." "Where's the key?" she asked. I took out the card with the key that came in the package and pointed to the numbers on it. "It's right there," I said. She said, "What? Where does the key go?" and takes the card and tries sticking it into the desktop tower.
Alannah Darnel

I unplugged the wireless router for a second to move it to the other side of my room. Almost immediately my Mom lost her mind. She started screaming and insisting that I "somehow canceled HER internet feed" and that I "ruined everything she had worked for." The only thing she has ever used the internet for is to look up cheats for Nancy Drew video games, on Nancy Drew video game forums.
Dus Dola

I love my mother and she is fairly tech-savvy. The one exception, however, is that before closing a tab in Firefox she will always scroll to the top of the page because she likes to be "tidy."
Gerard Howells from LDSBC

My mom came into my bedroom and proceeded to freaaaak out because there were dvd's sitting on top of the dvd player. She thought it would erase them because of "the magnets"…..?!
keekee jo

I was watching Law and Order with my dad, and the detectives were using a search engine to find a picture of a tattoo. My dad was amazed and asked, "How did the google know how to find that picture?" I said that the detectives must have used google images. He asked, "So the Americans made ANOTHER google, and now we have two??" He said that he wanted to use google images too, but that he probably wouldn't be very good at it since he's never used an etch-a-sketch. He thought that you had to draw a picture of what you were looking for and "show it to the google", not realising that you use words to describe the picture. Then he said he was too confused to finish the programme, and muttered something about Woodstock as he went off to bed.
Princess Diana from UCD Ireland

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