Now I know how this looks, (insert dirty picture), but I have a great idea that I need help for. I have had a vision, of a cartoon, based around Predator, and…get this….he's your roommate. After this here sentence, I will demonstrate the "funny" capacity of this amazingly diverse character. 

Setting: An apartment off campus.

"Predator! Get out here!"
"(insert predator clicking noise)"-he walks to the kitchen where the fridge is open and there are spines and human heads in the refrigerator
"What did I tell you! No human remains in the fridge!"
"I don't care if its a trophy! If you want to live here, no human flesh in the fridge!"
"(Angry cackle)"-Opens mouth flaps for intimidation
"Don't you flare your mouth flaps at me! I pay for half of this apartment."
"(What sounds like predator grumbling)" -Grabs spines and walks out.

SCENE (Not bad right? It gets better.)

"Get out here NOW! Did you spill this juice?"-Predator in cloak mode in the corner
"Where ARE you? Come clean this up!"
-Spinning disk flies out and hits the wall next to roommate
"FINE. But I'm not doing it." -Roommate walks out
-Predator walks to the stain and shoots it with shoulder cannon. Then puts a newspaper on it.

SCENE – Now you see where I'm going with this, it obviously needs to be refined, but I really feel like this would make for a great show/short. Now another scene.

Setting – Party in apartment, there's music. lights, dancing, drinking, etc. 

-Some guy puts his can on the counter, you zoom in to a condensation droplet rolling down and touching the counter.
-Suddenly, two predator claws rip through the guy's stomach, along with one of those predator screams in the background.
-He rips the head out with the spine (Too graphic? Doubt it.)
-Grabs the can and puts a coaster under it. Then nods at it like its all good.
(Zoom out)
-Everyone is staring at him silently.
-Turns on cloak mode and walks away.
Pause. Jump to main roommate walking to the fridge, opens fridge.
"GODDAMN IT PREDATOR!" -Human spine and head in the fridge

Now you see how versatile this is, it can range from his personal appearance, like he has to have hair appointments to keep his dreds nice. OR he can make friends with Rastafarian and smoke with them (What happens to him when he's high?He speaks English? You know something like that.) Also a joke about him clawing at the furniture. These jokes can go on and on. SO, what do you think? Not too bad eh? This could be a really great College Humor Cartoon, but I have no animating skills, so I'll have to rely on someone to read this and see how awesome this topic is. Oh and a weird idea. How about a pet face-hugger(from Alien)? It could be miserable because its implanting wang was cut off.