A doctor's office exam room. Jay Cutler sits alone. The door opens.

Dr. Steve: Hi, Jay. How are you today?

Cutler: Hi, Dr. Steve. I'm okay.

Dr. Steve: Really? Lovie told me you hurt your knee.

Cutler: Yeah, I guess so.

Dr. Steve: You guess so? Lovie said you couldn't go out and play yesterday because of it.

Cutler: Yeah.

Dr. Steve: Well, which knee is it? I'll take a look and we'll see what we can do.

Cutler: It's my left one. Or maybe my right one. I can't really remember.

Dr. Steve: You can't remember? Well, it can't hurt that bad.

Cutler: I don't know. I'm pretty tough.

Dr. Steve: Jay?

Cutler: Yes, Dr. Steve?

Dr. Steve: Did you just make up this whole story so you could come here today and get a lollipop?

Cutler: No.

Dr. Steve: Jay?