LOLscar Nominated

Amateur cartoonists strip their way through college
-Jon Wolf (@jwolftweets)
Girls that I can't have sex with are completely ineffable
-Tom Philip (@tommphilip)
Of all the problems plaguing the Spiderman musical, installing "Clap On Clap Off" lights in the theater has to be among the dumbest.
-Wiseguy Pictures (@WiseguyPictures)
"I'd love to, but I have to help a friend move" is always an honest excuse if you're a ventriloquist.
-Chase Mitchell (@ChaseMit)
Avatar made me think blue women could be sexy. The recent cold weather changed my mind.
-Marc Shalet
I went to get my grandfather creamated, but I was disappointed with the lack of flavors
-Zack Loft
I refuse to bungee jump. I came into this world by a broken rubber and I won't leave it the same way.
-Santos Miranda
I don't understand why people are so amazed when i say my grandfather survived Auschwitz. Most german officers did.
-Sven Sic
My friend told me that I shouldn't make rash decisions. Of course, that was before he got gonorrhea.
-Kevin Slane (@KSlane)