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So a few years back I had a roommate who over all was pretty good. But he'd get mad at me for being too loud when he was studying even though he was studying at odd hours of the day. He would also eat my food constantly, so I decided to get back at him. He loved going to the beach but was practically albino, and needed sunscreen all over his body. So I decided to spill most of his sunscreen out and replace it with non-SPF tanning oil and some lotion that looked like his sunscreen. The next time after he got back from the beach he had a huge burn all over the top half of his body for at least 2-3 weeks. Sorry, but sometimes you just got annoying.

Todd S. from USC

Your ice cream was actually frozen mayonnaise and chocolate syrup.

So last week I had to do my laundry which was no big deal at all until the machine broke with about 10 minutes left, leaving my clothes in a puddle. With little time to let them dry, I knew that I would have to put them in a bin and go dry them later. After class I popped them in the dryer and went back to hang out in my room. After about 40 minutes, I went downstairs to check my clothes, but there was a little problem. My clothes were gone and some other douche's clothing was in my dryer… I was more than happy. So after finding my clothes a few dryers away and still soaking wet, I removed the stranger's clothes from MY dryer and threw them in the space behind the washing machines, which no one ever needs to be behind. Then I went and got my roommate's bleach tile cleaner spray and sprayed down his clothes for good measure. Don't touch my laundry, jerk.
John M. from Western Michigan University

My roommate is a bit weird at the best of times but his main issue is he leaves his stuff all over the house, my house. I took a pile of his crap up to his room one day when he was out and found these incontinence pants for people who keep wetting the bed (he's 20). I took a picture for ammo the next time he leaves a mess.
Ben N. from Nottingham University

I get along really well with my roommate, but she always goes to bed really early. When I eventually get around to trying to sleep, she is always snoring really loud. So, I block my number and call her phone. It wakes her up every time and then I have at least half an hour of no snoring so I can fall asleep!
Christine K.

I moved this gal into my spare bedroom to help pay the bills for this semester. Generally speaking, she's a great room mate. However, she always used my face razor on her legs and who knows where else. More often than not, I left hair in the sink after shaving. I had the hardest time running into her to tell her to stop, so I took action. One morning I left all of my hair in the sink and left a note on the faucet that read "These are my penis hairs.", and I went back to my room. About thirty minutes later I hear a loud "EWW- GROSS".
Gregorio E. from LCSC

You thought it was hilarious when you stole the mattress out of my room so I had to sleep on the floor for a night, so I glued your leg hairs into tiny dreadlocks when you passed out.
Annonymous from BCIT

There were four of us in a living in this 4 bedroom rental a few blocks from school. Well, there was me, my buddy, this quiet skinny asian dude and this other big dude who was lazy and never did anything other than eat everyone else's food and have uninvited people over. He was a total ass and my buddy and I were seriously looking to move out. Anyway, one day my buddy and I were in his room playing xbox when we heard asian dude and the big dude arguing. I was like, should we check up on them? My buddy was like "nah, just don't get involved bro." And we kept playing but the arguing started to get louder so we were thinking of checking things out and making sure no one was going to get hurt and such. Then we heard some loud banging and then a thud that kind of shook the floor. We rushed out and saw the asian dude looking at us. The big dude was out COLD! Come to find out, the asian guy was a amateur cage fighter. Haha, that was great.
Al Savnojec

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