1. "The Jacked Up On Steroids Guy"-Whatever gym you go to, you will always meet one of these. Let's admit, you wish you looked like him. But because of his huge muscles, he thinks that you don't know they're fake. He is ALWAYS bragging about how he can bench-press 3000+ lbs. He is like that annoying best friend you recently realized you hated: they never go away.

2. "The Legitimatley Strong Guy"-You will most likely run into this guy. He is actually strong! Un-like #1, the only pills he's poppin' are Vitamin C tablets. And you think him being that strong, he would be very full of himself. But no, he is very modest and says stuff like "Keep that up and you'll look better than me in no time." And quite honestly, you still want to look like the guy on steroids.

3. "The Not-So-Strong Guy"-You will always see one of these guys too. He is another one who is always bragging about how strong he is, yet, you always see him lifting small weights. His excuse? "I'm just warming up." But you and him both know he is just trying to pick up girls. With those spray-on abs and shorts that are way too long on him, he's a total babe magnet.

4. "The Old Guy Who Lets It All Hang Out"-In the pool, in the locker room, lifting weights and even outside the gym. There's no containing this guy.

5. "The People Like You"-You're not that strong, but you want to be. You much rather be home playing Black Ops but you know you will never get a girlfriend this way….well most likely that is. Also, you WANT to gain some muscle but you have no idea how to work that strange machine over there. And lets be honest, seeing a bunch of girls in nothing but sports bras and extremely short shorts doesn't hurt. So you start off on the small weights and use the excuse "I'm just warming up." (See number three.) Use that excuse enough and guess who you turn into.