Nobody likes levels that automatically scroll or ice levels where you slip around – but what if you combine the two? What if there was a level where you were automatically sliding to the bottom at all times, and there was nothing you could do to stop it? Let's find out with our tribute to the ten greatest slide levels of all time.

10. Super Mario Galaxy: Tall Trunks Galaxy's Tall Trunk Slide

Going all the way back to Super Mario Bros. 3, the Mario series has had a long-stranding and honorable tradition of having its protagonist slide down hills on his butt. Many unfortunate Koopa Troopas and Buzzy Beetles who have been on the wrong end of Mario's butt will tell you it's one his most deadly secret weapons. The game never really explained if this invincibility came from momentum or magic butt powers (I have theories), but for whatever reason Mario decided to get on his feet for the the Tall Trunk Slide of Mario Galaxy 2. This new posture and confidence lets Mario run on the ceiling when the slide fills out into a tube, a continuation of the Galaxy series' theme of playing with gravity.