Do your parents not understand technology? Do they ask you stupid questions? Do they send you absurd text messages? Do they use words like "MyFace," "SpaceBook," or "The World Wide Web?"
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And thank God we'll never be as dumb as they are!

I work as tech support in a clothing company, the other day I had someone come up and tell me his "computer went down." He then described the issue in depth: "Well that box under my desk was making a lot of noise so I turned it off and suddenly the computer just stopped working. You don't think it was something I did, do you?" I was later told off by my boss for laughing at him.
Chris R

Today, my mom asked me to help her email a picture to her friend because "it just wasn't working." I opened her email to see what the problem was, and saw that she had emailed her friend the picture's file name on her computer. Multiple times.
Jacqueline F.

I recently had a substitute for one of my classes who must have been in his 70's. He Referred to Twitter as "Twextering".
Jeff Kraft

My mom and grandma both have facebook accounts. My mom is pretty savvy with hers but my grandma isn't. Back when they did a new profile change and some people had the old and others had the new layout my grandma called my mom for help with facebook like she usually does. However she had the new layout and my mom had the old one and neither knew about the change. My mom eventually figured it out but my grandma is convinced that we "have a different internet down there" and will send us stuff but will warn that "we may not get it on our internet."
Troy Chandler

My Mom calls them "books on tape on CD."

The other day, I showed my grandma how to use Microsoft Word to type out invoices (that she previously typed on a typewriter…). I just got an email from her saying she was using "the Microsoft" to type out 6 invoices but after typing the first one she didn't know how to "get rid of it to make room for more." She said she "clicked all the little things on the top of the computer" (taskbar I guess) but couldn't figure out how to delete it. So she turned off the computer and turned it back on so she could get a new page… I guess I'm going over to her house to help her out…
Carson Stark

My dad puts www. in the google search bar.
Maxwell House from Cambrian

Today I bought my mom a calendar for her Kindle and sent it to her in a gift email. I wrote her an email as well telling her not to delete the Amazon email because it was a gift from me. She wrote back to me asking if she needed to take her Kindle to work since I sent the gift to her work email. I replied with detailed instructions on claiming her gift. She then replied to me asking if I knew her Kindle number and if I could just text the gift to her Kindle instead.
Gina Hernandez from San Jose State University

While watching the Super Bowl with my Dad, the computer generated football robot was on the bottom dancing around, and he looks over to me and asks "Do you think there is a guy or a girl inside that thing?"
Ryan McCabe

My dad thinks that he invented the word "app."
nicole miller

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