Do your parents not understand technology? Do they ask you stupid questions? Do they send you absurd text messages? Do they use words like "MyFace," "SpaceBook," or "The World Wide Web?"
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And thank God we'll never be as dumb as they are!

My mom came in to ask me if I could look something up on a website for her. I told her sure since I wasn't busy. She looked at her watch and said "Oh, never mind they're closed." and walked out. She thinks websites are only online when the business itself is open.
Katie P from Post U.

After finding out the answer to a question I texted my mom, I sent another text saying "nvm" before she could reply. She then replied to me saying she had no idea what "nvm" meant but could only assume it meant "no voicemail." She replied by leaving a voicemail.
Anthony M

Yesterday I went out with my parents who had just gotten back from vacation. While at dinner, my dad handed me a brand new USB still in the wrapper, and asked me if I could get his vacation pictures off it and photoshop them to make them look better. I looked at it unconvinced and asked him, "You have files on a USB that's still in its sealed clamshell packaging?" He replied, "Yep!", tried to open it with his hands, and, failing, looked and me and said, "Oh, hm. Maybe not."
Kristin F

My mother loves reading the stats page on her Wordpress blog. She can always tell when her own mother has visited her blog, because appearing in the Google search terms is her entire url, including the // bit. Adorable.
Amanda Druck from SAE Perth

My mum called me from across the house to fix an urgent problem. When I asked her what the problem was, she told me the mouse has stopped working after she plugged in her USB, and that it must've given her a virus. She had unplugged the mouse to put the USB in, even though there were heaps of other spots to put it in.
Gemma C. from Australia

Over the summer, my Mom and I were hanging out by the pool, and I had my phone connected to a set of speakers so we could listen to music. My phone chirped to let me know it had a low battery and my Mom asked what that noise was. I explained the battery in my phone was getting low and she replied "Oh yeah. It sounded like the music was slowing down."
Jodie Steele

I was playing Legend of Zelda for about the 3rd of 4th time but didnt have enough room on my memory card. Since there was nothing I wanted to delete, I asked my mom to pick me up one since she was going to the mall and there are 2 games stores in it. She's seen the memory cards before but assumed she would just ask for help from one of the clerks. When she came back she told me she found a great deal on a bunch of them and didnt have to go to the game store. I opened the bag to find a pack of 100 memorex brand floppy disks. I was more surprised she found floppy disks than disappointed.
Katie P from Post U.

While doing my assignment one night my dad comes into my room and asks my to put a song on youtube and play it on my surround system for him. I agree, and he tells me to look up Mink Deville, "Cadillac Walk." I wasn't have much luck finding a version my dad liked, so he stared to rant and go on with how one time youtube would give you all the songs that you wanted and how he thinks they're "hiding" all the good songs and planning to start a youtube2 and charge money for the songs people really want to hear.
Adam Power from CONA

My dad was watching the Bears vs. Packers game and he missed a play and came running into my room and yelled at me to "go to Youtube so I can watch the replay!"
Ben V from EIU

I had a professor for a few classes when I started college who would frequently show us a text file so we could "write down his website address" but, unknown to him, the text file also contained all his usernames and passwords for various sites. To this day I still log in to his gmail account to change the theme.
Allan Harrison from Ireland

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