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You know how you "accidentally" ran across that psychological analysis of me when you were snooping on my computer? The one that classified me as a psychopath? I was really bored, so I made it and left it open to be sure you saw it. It's so fun screwing with you, you're so gullible :)


When you were away for the weekend I killed your hamster by accident. I bought a new one to replace it. That's why he seemed so much more "jumpy" and "bitey". Sorry bro.
Roger B.

Before I moved in, they had said $200 for a month, which was awesome for them, since they had the spare room anyway. Well after a long month of walking to and from work in the heat, and working as a cook, waiter, janitor, and phone guy, I had a check for about $300 dollars. His older brother demanded $280 for rent. I was pissed, but what could I do, I wasn't going to short him, and I didn't want to give him nearly all my money either. So i stuck it to him the only way I knew how. I went to the bank, cashed the check, and got $281 in single dollar bills. I rolled it up in a nice big wad and put a rubber band around it. I put the money on the kitchen table. For the next few days, he could be seen around town, cursing as he was forced to count every purchase out one dollar at a time.
Kyle B. from Abilene Christian University

Just last week, my roommate and I were arguing about him leaving his dirty clothes in the bathroom after he takes a shower. Three days later I get out of the shower, step on his shirt, and I slipped. I almost smashed my head of the side of the tub. I gave him one last warning and he ignored me. The next day he did it again but this time I notice. So I took a big meaty dump in the toilet, took the toilet wand and swished it around, picked up all of his clothes with the business of the wand, and laid all the crap-covered clothes on his most used electronics. He came home and pulled his boxers off of his keyboard only to realize his hand was full my shit. He threw up on his monitor. Where am I now? We got evicted because the douche stopped paying rent.

Me and my three best friends (all girls) went on a road trip to New Mexico. When we got to the cabin, we got completely smashed and realized we didn't bring toilet paper. One of our friends is really neat, tidy and clean. So as me and my friend were taking a drunken bathroom break, we used her face towel and body towel as toilet paper and then hung them back up neatly. We enjoyed watching her dry her face the next morning. And her hands. And her body.
Lindsey from Texas Tech

My roommate, for many months, would every night almost like clockwork hold a mammoth masturbation session in the bed right next to mine, sometimes lasting as long at one and a half hours. All this when we were both lying right next to each other just a few feet apart. Eventually it all became too much for me to cope with. Asking him to stop didn't work, neither did getting girls to taunt him about it, or even getting up and flipping the light switch, he always just denied it and/or carried on. So I eventually decided that drastic measures were required, I would simply begin to jack off whenever he did. Needless to say, he was soon freaked out and quickly stopped, allowing me to sleep easy once more.
David A.

My roomie freshmen year was a quite large girl who constantly whined about her size but refused to exercise. She occasionally went on diets that consisted of eating low-fat versions of junk food (like Pringles, chocolate, cookies, and soda). And that's all she'd eat. One weekend when she went home I replaced her 'healthy' snacks with the normal kind (I just switched them into the other package). At the end of the semester she wondered why she had gained thirty pounds. Maybe you should've got your fat ass to the gym instead of complaining all the time?
Allyson K. from CCSU

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