Disturbing, Cerebral Crime-Thrillers with ‘Will-They-Won’t-They’ Partner Hook-up Tension.

Visually Stunning Children’s Movies That Thematically Deal With A Polarizing Current Event and Highlight The Struggle of Modern Existence.

Adorable Yet Heart-Breaking Foreign Films In Which Adversity Is Overcome By The Child-Like Sense of Wonder Exhibited By A Tragically Beautiful Young Ingénue.

Critically Acclaimed Socio-Political Documentaries You’ve Referenced In Arguments But Haven't Seen.

Wrenching Epic Romances (The films of Kiera Knightley).

Heart Pounding, Non-Stop Action Thrill-Rides To Inspire You To Work Out, Or Fight A Stranger. (Containing no less than 3 different arms broken over a shoulder).

Universally Hailed, Groundbreaking British Comedies You Fail To Fully Comprehend.

Movies You Liked In College But Have Yet To Admit Are Actually Crap.

Romantic Comedies You Could Steal Ideas From.

Movies Featuring Bullet-time (or a derivative thereof).

National Lampoon Sequels and Spin-offs You’ll Be Too Stoned To Realize Aren’t Animal House, But Too Lazy To Change Once You Do.

Genre-bending Dad-jazz Documentaries.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

Invigorating and Vaguely Erotic Morning Yoga Instructionals.

Bowel-voidingly Intense Art House Dramas by Enigmatic/Bat-shit Insane Directors ‘Ahead of Their Time’.