The results are in and you guessed it, the best thing in the world is S-E-X. With over 400 thousand votes and a win percentage of 88, sex triumphed over all other contenders. Runner-ups included "finding money in something you haven't worn in awhile," "getting an A on a half-assed paper," "a check from the government," and "naps." You'll notice that all the runner-ups have either money or extreme laziness in common, while sex exists in an awesome category all on its own.

The worst thing in the world is apparently falling through ice and drowning which won 83% of the votes, enough to narrowly beat out genocide (79%). That's right, genoicide is second. Genocide, the deliberate and systematic destruction of mass amounts of people is second. The third, fourth and fifth place spots were rewarded to "realizing too late that there's no more toilet paper," "waving to someone you thought was waving at you," and "getting pulled over" with 71, 64 and 63 percent of the votes.

Stay tuned for more toplists in the future and thanks to everyone who voted.