A yellow biogically incorrect sea-sponge befriends a possibly homosexual overweight seastar. The sponge lives in a hollow pineapple shell that should be long corroded and he somehow managed to add furnature, wallpaper, windows…and even a second floor and basement/library! He also has a snail, but this is a special snail. The snail must have been mixed with a cat and with a person because it meows and has certain human abilities. Speaking is not one of them.
     We are not sure what Spongebob's age is, but he is old enough to take the driving test but for some crazy reason, cannot stop failing. This young-adult/mid 30's/possibly 40+ year old works at a fast-food joint called the Krusty Krab because he is incapable to get a real job. His co-worker is a squid who hates him (but he is never able to figure that out). Actually, let's face it, everyone except the homosexual seastar does. I honestly have no idea how he has not been fired yet, he seems to always be high while working. Anyway, his boss is yet another overweight sea-creature, a crab. This crab is the cheapest crab you will ever meet. Heck, its the only talking crap other than his mother in this show.
     We promse you this show will not dissapoint…….kids these days….