How difficult do you think it would be to write a dream dictionary…? Before you answer that question let me present you with another  - How much do you think each dream book sells for?  - About £4.99……  I’ve got a ‘Dictionary of dreams’ at home by ‘Geddes & Grosset’ and apparently if I dream about a train, then that train symbolises a journey…”A dream about a journey is about the journey of life”.

If you look up flying dreams it’ll tell you a whole bunch of stuff about “needing release”, “holding yourself back” and “freedom”…

Dreams about your teeth falling out are about health, dreams about babies are dreams about responsibility, dreams about falling are about fear and dreaming about having to run up a custard like stair case away from a burnt dead man with knives for fingers is just silly.

I had a dream last night that involved me finding hundreds of Lego heads and then constructing the biggest Lego head Totem pole known to man… The next part involved me on a flat hunt where I met a man and a lady who kept two large octopuses in tiny tanks in their living room.. Right before a party of people arrived unexpectedly, I remember cradling the octopus in the smallest tank and stroking it’s head in a kind of “it’s alright, mate” sort of way.

I looked up octopuses in my “Dictionary of dreams” and it said “SEE ANIMALS”… I went to the Animals section and there’s nothing there about even one octopus.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   How am I supposed to cope with my real life not knowing the true meaning of the things that go on in my head when I’m unconscious?                     In my sub-conscience .                             Surely someone can write the definitive dream dictionary which lets you look up your own personal self in the appendix somewhere…                       By sheer divine intervention I remembered that I had the internet and was sure that some dream-weaver somewhere in the world would know the meaning to my dream about octopuses…                                                                                                                                                                                                             I Googled “Octopus dream meaning” and guess what they said….   And remember how much a dream book costs…                                                                                                                                ”A dream about an octopus in about multi tasking and responsibility…”                                                                                            I guess that’s a dream-weavers  link to the fact that an octopus has quite a few legs (or arms) and so metaphorically symbolises being quite busy to a human being… I’ve seen David Attenborough programmes, I’ve seen BBC’s “Blue Planet”, I’ve been to the “Sea life centre”, but never have I seen a real life octopus doing eight things at once.

It feels to me that dreams are personal and never is that more apparent than when you have to listen to  every inconsequential detail of someone else’s nocturnal ramblings.

I had the weirdest dream last night…

Do you want to hear about it?

….No, I didn’t think so

Good night. x