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My mom has a couple of those robotic vacuums to clean up the floors. She loves them because they supposedly save her lots of time because they don't need any human interaction. Only problem is that she doesn't trust them to vacuum properly, so she slowly walks around the house following it to make sure it's doing a good job. Truly painful to watch.

jimmy j

I recently played a couple songs at a local open mic night. One of the older performers was taking pictures of all the acts. He asked my permission to post them on the internet. I told him it was okay. He said "Great, I'll upload them tonight and you can check them out. Let me write down the website where you can see them." He then handed me a scrap of paper on which he wrote, ""
Boom Goes the Dynamite

My mom asked me to email her my new address so she can send me letters, money, and packages. After sending her multiple emails telling her my address, she claims to have never gotten any of the emails. She's responded to every email I've sent.
David Quetsch from ASU

My mom called to ask if her computer's DVD player could play the same DVDs as the television's.
Jay K from Boston College

When needing to print a document late at night, my mother realized that she was out of paper. After lamenting this to her best friend Victoria over the phone, Victoria states that this was no problem, she'll just "fax over some paper" to my mom. They attempted this for at least 30 minutes. My brother and I would have never known about this had 6 blank faxes from Victoria not printed out later the next morning (after my mom went and bought paper).
Magdalena L

My mother got a Facebook account and attempted to set a particular picture as her profile picture. When I checked later, it turns out she'd managed to set a scanned copy of my college transcript as her picture. Upside-down of course. Don't know what she was thinking, selecting "melissatranscript.jpg" as the file she wanted to upload.
Melissa K

I came home from school for spring break. At home, I was using my mother's laptop. I went into Google and clicked to search for something. While there I found the recent things that my Mother had typed into Google. It turns out she speaks to Google like it's a person with such searches as: "Can you show me bathroom curtains?" and "Do you know what happened at the oscars?" I'm not going to correct her…
Tyler McCarthy from University of Connecticut

I'm not allowed on my grandma's computer because every time I visit I waste too much ink. Apparently the monitor is powered with ink.
Tom Lang

My mom wanted me to make her a flyer on the computer. I said sure, and then asked her what she wanted it to look like. Her answer? "Well, I want the writing to be black and red. Wait, is that possible? To make the letters red?"
E P from UGA

In class today an older student who looks to be 50, turned to the girl behind her and asked if she takes notes in a notebook or on that facebook.
J M from UW-Milwaukee

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