1. The Defaulter

Battle Quote: "Blitzle is a perfectly respectable name.-

Examples: Oshawott, Patrat, Lillipup

Synopsis: You don't work for Nintendo. Why should it be your job to name their army of made-up monsters? You're too busy on your quest to catch them all. Besides, you want to be able to talk shop with your Pokebros without wasting time trying to figure out which particular Pocket Monster everyone is talking about. Then again, maybe you're just lazy.

2. The Pro

Battle Quote: "I'll show Game Freak how real puns are made. In fact, you could say my skills are… pun-believable.-

Examples: Zapidash, Piglit, Grassassin

Synopsis: You are a master of the written word, even if you haven't had time to sit down and write that novel yet. In the meantime, you prove your linguistic prowess with well-crafted Pokemon names. So what if you spend more time coming up with the perfect nickname than actually playing the game? It's totally worth it for that slight chuckle your friends emit when they first set eyes upon your Pigeru Miyamoinko.