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And thank God we'll never be as dumb as they are!

My boss had to print a 25-page PowerPoint presentation, so he hit the "print" button 25 times.
Syl A.

My mom refuses to buy a new computer because she thinks that she will have to email each individual photo she has on the computer "to the new computer's email address."
Mike The Motorbike

I overheard my boss tell my other boss "You know if you have two internet screens pulled up at the same time and one's behind the other, all you have to do is click on the one that's behind it and it will pop up in front! I just found that out today!"
Megan B

My boyfriend and I had a gift certificate and were looking for a place to go. When I complained out loud that I couldn't find a restaurant my mom suggested we used the desktop computer instead of my laptop because it 'could load more restaurants'. I tried to explain to her that we could see all the restaurants and just couldn't find a nice mexican place near by she suggested we 'google'
Maggie S

I was using my TI-84 calculator in class to work on some problems. My teacher came over and took it right out of my hands. Apparently he thought I was texting someone.

My dad was recently looking to start a Gmail account, ideally with the address (first initial)(last name) So he sent this request to my brother who told him that the address was taken. Then my brother also asked him for a list of other acceptable email addresses he would like, so my brother could see if they were taken. Instead of emailing the list of potential email addresses to my brother, my dad emailed each one of his choices this message: "Looking to see if someone is using this email. trying to claim it." What I don't get is that his current email address is like his 3rd different one, I wonder if he has done this before…
Mike Sime

My mother-in-law is adamant that I turn off my laptop whenever she is on her computer because mine somehow slows hers down and causes her mouse to become "heavy"… I am a CAD/CAM/CNC operator and systems adminstrator where I work, but at home… none of that seems to matter.
Some Guy

The other day while playing COD my dad walks in and, after I tell him I was playing with friends, asks if I walk up to them in the game and wave a virtual hello.
Sean Jones

We got my dad an iPad for his birthday so he could read books and look pointless stuff up online. The other day I hear him on the phone. Apparently he couldn't figure out how to turn the page of the book and instead of asking me, my mom, or brother, he decided to call Apple's customer service and wait on hold for 15 minutes, just to be told, in less than 5 seconds "use your finger." He didn't realize the touch screen applied to books too.
suz d from loyola

My mom signed up for twitter so she could follow Charlie Sheen.
Tim T

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