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A couple of months ago, my parents were giving me a tough time about how my major (film) didn't offer many job opportunities. They asked me what I planned on doing for money and I jokingly replied, "I'll be a hooker." My stepdad immediately said, "Please. You couldn't give it away for free." I won't lie… it stung.-Cody

I managed to persuade my girlfriend that ambulances can pull you over and do you for speeding just like the police can.-Dan

One night my girlfriend put Pandora on while we were having sex. Then right after we finished, "We are the Champions" by Queen started to play. She then proceeded to raise my hands in victory and sing along. Greatest. Moment. Ever.-Taylor

My girlfriend of 6 months was helping me clean my room and noticed that half the bed legs were propped up on little blocks of wood. I laughed and told that was for when she came over to watch a movie on our first date, she would slide down a little bit closer to me and we could cuddle. She broke up with me shortly after that for "tricking her" into liking me.-Anonymous

Tonight my boyfriend told me about how in the back of our throats there's a "hard thing." He then proceeded to stick his finger in the back of his throat and touch it. He does this for a couple minutes and then just stops and says "wow I'd be pretty good at giving head." I don't know how much longer we'll last.-Meg

I recently beat my girlfriend in checkers without losing a single piece. I did not even know that was possible.-Ale

So me and my gf of 8 months were in the middle of doing it one night when she randomly tells me that she has Herpes…we don't use condoms 'cuz she's on the pill…-James

So I was going down on my girlfriend and noticed something out of the ordinary. That something turned out to be a tiny piece of leftover toilet paper from her last pee. I unfortunately only noticed this once I decided it would be to rude to spit out and went ahead and swallowed it.-K