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I'm currently training at a Navy college but one of the guys in my room is the biggest douche and suckup you could ever meet. I'm training in bomb disposal so decided to get back at him by making sure all the clothes he packed for his visit home were covered in traces of explosives and gun shot residue knowing he was flying. Police dogs, airport and explosives residue. He was detained for 12 hours too bad I missed it. Next time you wake me up in the middle of the night to tell me you've read my essay and it's wrong it'll be worse.
Jim D.

I was at my girlfriend's apartment and we were stirring at roughly 1 in the morning. We decided of all things to make muffins, while we were cooking we noticed some strange gasping noises coming from her roommate's room which had the door left ajar. My girlfriend thought she was just having a horrible dream, and she decided to investigate. She was about to approach her door before I stopped her, I realized what she was doing. She was masturbating loudly with her door wide open.
Marco V.

My roommates are awesome. I wanted to start off with that. I do, on the other hand, who has this one roommate who seems to lost the understanding of imaginary boundaries. He is Pre-Med, so I would assume he would understand, and maybe even think the same as I do, but I am severely wrong. He is one of those guys who will reach down, and grab a handful of your dinner, grab your pop, water, coffee, etc. and just take a drink out of it right in front of you. And I don't mean, "Just a drink". He gulps and gulps. And it isn't once here and there. It's every few minutes. He's generally addied out, which I'm assuming he's probably pilfering mine, so he's insanely thirsty three quarters of the day. It legitimately grosses me out, so, to avoid confrontation over such a small issue, I now backwash every time I drink. If your reading this, quit drinking my shit. Get your own jackass. Hows my spit taste asswipe?
Tim KeepYo'PawsOffMyShit from SVSU

Whenever I'm in the bathroom and my roommate has to go, she doesn't knock or ask me to hurry up… she stands outside the door in silence. It's not like it's a thick door – I can hear everything, and so can she. It doesn't matter how long I'm in there, she'll just stay there and when I've asked her not to do that because it creeps me out, she doesn't see anything wrong with it. So now, when I hear her walk up and just stand there, I find as many things to do as I can to make her wait longer – including scrubbing the scum out of the of the sink with her toothbrush. Sorry, you're a good roommate and all, but I'm not into people listening to me shit.

One night I had a date with my boyfriend and was getting ready in the shower. He had repeatedly promised to eat me out in the car, so I went for my razor to make sure all was smooth downstairs. Unfortunately, my razor was missing from my shower basket. I had no choice but to use the nearest one to the shower. Whoever's razor that was, sorry girl.

You're a douchbag. You eat my food, trash our room and constantly brag to me about how oblivious youre girlfriend is that youre cheating on her. Well my friend after you locked me out of our room last week to sleep with youre ugly as sin sidegirl I went to your girlfriend's appartment and told her everything. She told me she already knew and we should hook up to get back at you. We did and if there's a god in heaven I'll be at home when you reach the bottom of youre mayo jar and find the condom I used that night.
John S. from East Carolina University

I am a girl, you're my guy roommate. You have an annoying habit of barging into rooms unexpectedly, and therefore have walked in on me masturbating a bunch of times (I should probably stop doing it in the afternoons). I'm always under the covers, so I pretend that I've been napping. You seem pretty oblivious to what's really going down, so it doesn't bug me too much. But would it kill ya to knock? Your presence wrecks the mood, so I have to start all over once you leave.
Francie M.

I was looking up porn the other day and couldn't really hear it over my music, so I continued turning up the volume only to realize I had my ipod on and that my roommate was OK listening to porn with another guy for about an hour.
Chris H. from Loyola University

After a party I brought this girl back to my room. After we hooked up my other roommate and my friend who was visiting were going to run the train on her (her nick-name was brianna choo choo). Seperately of course. Well during my friend's train ride my roomate was getting a little too anxious. While my friend was riding the caboose my roommate reached around in front of the girl and touched my friends penis. Well it ruined the mood and my friend threw the condom off pissed off. I think my roomate was to drunk to realize what he did. The next day my crew and practically the whole school was calling him "PT" for the whole rest of the year. I told practically everyone what happened. It drove him to the point of crying – his new new nickname for his entire college attendence was Penis Toucher – PT for short.
Brett G from University of Tampa

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