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One night, my friends and I thought it would be a great idea to hit up Wendy's for some late night treats. Wanting to take full advantage of the empty parking lot, I decided to do a few doughnuts while I could. In my state of excitement, I forgot that a police substation was about a quarter mile away. It goes with out saying that my antics caught the attention of cop who patiently waited for me to end my doughnut tirade before turning on the siren. When he finally walked up to the car he asked among other things, why would I do such a stupid thing. Realizing I had nothing left to lose I responded "Because sir, I am a jackass.". He let out a chuckle and after finding out we attended his alma mater and let us go after buying us some Frosties.-Gabby

I live in a small town of 900 people and have lived there all my life. I and about 10 of my friends were sitting at the local convenience store around 10 one night and decided to have some fun with passing motorists. Every time a car would get within about 100 yards of the store, we would break into a fake brawl. A few cars slowed down to look and evidently one person thought it was real and called the cops. Soon the only 2 cops in town and the mayor were at the store(which the mayor owns). Most of my friends ran or left in their trucks. There were 4 of us left. The mayor proceeded to yell at us for the next 30 minutes while his city cops called off the 4 county cars that were called to help.-Brandon

In my sophomore year in high school, my friends and I filmed a Vietnam War history project at the local flea market to reenactment the "Fall of Saigon." We thought no one would be there since the Flea Market was closed. We wore fatigues, had air rifles, and even had a firework to imitate an explosion. In the midst of filming, a cop came by and stopped. With our rifles in hand and firework horribly hidden, we told him we were filming a movie. His response? He simply said "Cool" and left.-M

Once I was driving with me and my cousins through Palm Springs when we were pulled over by some cops. Apparently our vehicle matched the description of one used in a robbery only a few days before. We were all Muslim and female, so we had our headscarves on, and the cop that got us had to be the most ignorant person I have ever met. She first tried to blame us without checking the registration of the car. "You guys have those on to hide your faces from security cameras!" she loudly announced "You are the ones who committed all those robberies!". By the time we explained everything, and explained why we had head scarves, she proceeded to ask. "Do you have hair?" I had to resist the urge to face-palm. We got off with nothing, but man was she dumb.-Hanajima

A couple of months ago, my now-ex-boyfriend and I were driving around his town around 2am. There was absolutely no one else on the road except for one car pretty far behind us. We were coming up on a traffic light that was turning yellow, but he didn't bother slowing down. Even though we both saw it and acknowledged it, my boyfriend still went through the light a second or two after it turned red because he didn't feel like stopping. Immediately we saw cop lights coming from the car that had been behind us. At the time, my boyfriend's car was pretty beat up – his brake light was out, the driver door didn't open from inside, and that night all of his windows had frozen shut because of the cold. As the cop was knocking on his window, and my boyfriend could not open his door or roll any of his windows down, I had to get out of the car and tell the cop to open my boyfriend's door. My boyfriend explained to the cop what was wrong with his car, and then apologized for running the light. The cop walked back to his car and came back a minute or two later. He looked at my boyfriend and I, said "Man.. your car's a piece of shit.. be careful driving home," and let us go.-Laura

A few years back, while still in undergrad, I was kidnapped by some of my fraternity brothers. I was hog-tied and thrown in the back seat of the car and driven to the local lake. The plan was to dump me in the lake, fish me out, cover me in flour/eggs and drop me off a sororities house. However, when we pulled into the lake's parking lot, a squad car was there on patrol. Quickly the driver turned around and was pulled over by the police. Apparently the lake is a hot spot for Meth dealers late at night, who knew? At any rate, I started screaming rape, which the cops thought was hilarious. They made us all get out of the vehicle and took our id's. All of the kidnappers were in the Navy and handed over the military id's. The police threated with tickets and court appearnces but ultimately decided to let us go if we all sang "Anchors Away."-Patrick