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My girlfriend, a friend, and I decided to go on a short road trip to eat at a diner. We got off at the wrong exit, but didn't realize it right away. We finally turned around to find the highway again. As we were approaching an intersection the light turned red. My friend was driving and instead of stopping at the red light, he just rolled through the intersection going less than 5 miles per hour. As we were going through the intersection, we saw a cop, who instantly put on his lights and pulled us over. The cop asked us why we ran the light, and my friend said something about being lost. He asked us where we were heading and we told him about the diner. As soon as he heard the name of the diner he had a big smile on his face and gave us great directions on how to get there. We must have made him hungry, because as we were leaving the diner we saw him walking in.-Dan

I recently bought my first used car. Four days after I bought the car I got pulled over for going 80 on the freeway and got a speeding ticket. The officer's last name was Bacon.-Stan

At the end of last summer, my now ex and I were driving around the lake in our city at around 11pm. The lake usually closes around 930 and there's usually cops patrolling because there has been problems there before. For some reason, my ex and I always seemed to like doing the dirty outside the most and we thought, hey why not. We pulled into the parking lot and no one was around so we ran over to a picnic bench and ditched our clothes. After we finished we scrambled to put our clothes on and ran to the car. Unfortunately, neither of us had seen the cop pulled up right next to my ex's truck with his lights off until the very second I opened the truck door. I stood there frozen in shock for a second, COMPLETELY topless, and then jumped into the truck in a panic. We drove off expecting for him to turn on his lights and arrest us. He didn't even bother follow. Boobs=Awesome.-Hope

During my Sophomore year in college, I used a beat up fake ID of some guy named Dane, who looked absolutely nothing like me and was about 8 years older. After a long night of drinking at parties, my girlfriend and I stumbled over to a local bar, not aware that it was known for having a strict underage policy. The bouncer at the door confiscated my ID without hesitation, so I began to try to bribe him to give it back. About this point, a couple police officers overhead the conversation and came over to see what all the fuss was about. Not wanting to get in trouble, I promised them that I had never seen the ID before in my life, and that I was just asking the bouncer directions and was about to be on my way. As I start walking away from the officers, my girlfriend then proceeds to belt out, "Dane! What's going on over there, did you get your ID back, Dane?" Realizing that I had just dispensed a load of crap on the cops, I was immediately cuffed, thrown in the back of the cop car and ticketed for misdemeanor fake ID charges. Hey, at least the girl was trying to help!-Morgan

I Fought the Law, but Not That Hard of the WeekI got a speeding ticket for doing 35 MPH in a 25 MPH zone. Like you can even tell that! I was pulled over by an unmarked Dodge Charger that had been parked in a house's driveway waiting for speeders. I explained to him that I had just moved the area a week ago, was on my way to class at law school and didn't realize that I was going fast at all. I still got the ticket.-Paul