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My mom yelled at me for using a recipe I got online because "someone could've put poison in it!"
Eugene S

My parents came down to visit me this past weekend. My dad, being the nice guy that he is, loans me his laptop to use because mine has been acting up lately. Before handing me it he looks at me sternly and warns, "Don't go downloading Facebook on this." Oh dad.
Kelsey M from WVU

I'm posting this from my mom's laptop, the name of the Web Browser I'm using is "FAFA" I wonder what she was trying to type…
Ryan Sims

While I was out with my family one day, my grandma wanted to know something, so I looked it up on the internet with my phone. Because she didn't like what I found out, she looked frustrated and said she would "look it up on the 'real' internet" when we get home.
Chris C.

My mom thinks that headphones only work when they're in your ears. Nothing I say can convince her otherwise.
Josh Creyon

So, I took my grandma to a minor league baseball game. Every time a foul ball was hit, a silly noise would play, like a quack or glass shattering. When an especially weird noise sounded, my grandma asked me what kind of animal would make such a noise. I told her that it's a computer that generates those sounds, not actual animals getting hit. She then exclaimed, "I wonder what kind of computer would make that noise!"
Alyssa A

My MIL thinks her Facebook disappears whenever she's not logged on. Once, her really tacky sister posted something embarrassing/potentially offensive on MIL's wall. She refused to log on to FB for WEEKS because she "didn't want anyone to see that!"

My Grandma recently called me over to her house because her wireless internet was not working. When I got there she said the router was in the kitchen, I looked around for it and asked again. Her router was in the kitchen…. in her other house 50 miles away.
Ben K

My mom doen't believe in climate change. So when we were having one of our monthly arguments on the existstance of it, she said to me, "well you're not doing anything to help either. You keep complaining that your computer overheats. If you really cared about stopping global warming, you'd put an ice bag on your computer to stop it from blown hot air out the side."
Disappointed Environmentalist

My dad had me create an alternate email for me. he spent a lot of time thinking of a pseudonym. he then had me repeat this process 3 more times. the whole process took about 2 hours. about a week later i get friend requests from all of his pseudonyms on facebook. he wanted extra accounts so he could have more neighbors on farmville because "thats how the pros do it."
ryan w

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