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Earlier this summer I had a friend who wanted to get rid of the fish in her fish tank, she told me she was just going to dump them in a pond outside her apartment. I felt that was a little cruel to the fish so i offered to take them. When i went over to get them though, we realized neither of us had a bag to put them in. I finally decided i would put them in salad bowl and just drive carefully on my way home. Well, i was driving home and going pretty fast when all of a sudden the light in front of me turned red. I couldnt stop because all the fish would slosh out of the bowl so i just ran the light going about 15 mph over and instantly got pulled over. The cop walked up to me and asked why i ran the light and i explained to him that i had a bowl of fish buckled in to the passenger seat and i didnt want them to fall out. He walked over, saw i was telling the truth, laughed and told me to figure out something better next time then let me go.-Tyler

So, last year at Halloween, I was hanging out with some friends in the neighborhood and decided it would be fun to go behind the local elementary school. The school has a beach behind it, and we often end up goofing off in the water. So as we were all preparing to strip down and jump in, a cop car rolls up. Everyone except two guys flipped out and started hiding. Me and my friend crawled like ninjas to a hill next to the school, where we saw the cops berate our semi-naked friends for twenty minutes while they called their parents. When they came, they flipped at the cops, because everyone, including the girls, were still half-naked. In the end, the cops let us go in exchange for our silence.-Conor D

I'm a delivery driver for a local pizza company in Los Angeles. I've seen a lot of cops while working and I've seen a lot of them clearly watch me roll through stop signs, speed through green lights at 45 mph and even tear through intersections at 50+ mph trying to catch a yellow light that has already turned red. In my 3 months of employment I have never been pulled over….until last weekend. I got to work and was handed 2 orders as soon as I walked through the door so I didn't have the time to put the sign on top of my car (which I never forget to do). The rest of the night was very busy so I decided to let the sign be and drive as illegally as normal to save time, such as rolling through a stop sign…past a cop. He pulled me over instantly and as he walked up to my window all he could get out was "Do you know" before his expression dropped as he saw the 2 giant heat bags and my clothes, all covered in the company name and logo. Almost panicking, he asked if I was working and I said yes and that I was very busy and running behind. After a few seconds the officer said "Aw shit, you don't have time for this and I sure as hell don't have time for the paperwork for all the complaints I'm going to have to deal with if I make you late. Listen, stop mean stop. Now go." I sat there in shock for about 1 second before he threw up his arms and started yelling "WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! GO! GO NOW!! PEOPLE ARE HUNGRY!" So I did and rolled through the next stop sign as I left and he didn't follow me. I'm never forgetting the sign again; pizza delivery is like diplomatic immunity.-Speedy McPizza

My girlfriend and I are quite the adventurous type and decided to go for a nice smoky date in the woods at around 11pm one night. We drove 2 miles down a dirt path into the woods and proceeded to park. We had made a previous stop at a Wawa and had loaded up on $40 worth of hoagies, doritos, oj, potato salad, macaroni salad, bread, peanut butter, and many other fantastic treats. We then decided to smoke and had a wonderful time in that endeavor, luckily I had left the window cracked in the back to let the warm breeze roll in. It is a very tranquil location that we go to. Unluckily minutes after we had finished and were now devouring our plentiful feast, we see through the trees, down the road 2 large SUVs coming down, unfortunately they were not country bumpkins, and were instead two police trucks. We were then shined the very bright light through our windows and we remained perfectly still, with "Please Remain in Your Vehicle" being blared by a loudspeaker of sorts. So then the police officer comes out and has us open the back door of the vehicle. My girlfriend can't stop laughing at this point which isn't helping the matter at all. But we have a nice conversation with the nice policeman who comments on our large food pile and says he is very hungry. I was able to offer him a Roast Beef hoagie, to which he gracefully accepted and told us to get outta here since the county forest closes at sundown. Thank goodness we bought too much food, or else, who knows what would've happened.-Dave

A couple of friends and I were driving home from Vegas one weekend and have had a lot of spicy seafood before we left. We hit some heavy traffic. Out of nowhere, I was hit by the worst case of explosive diarrhea ever. We had to pull over, I ran out the door, jumped over a tall fence, ended cutting up my hands, rang the bell of a palm reader to use the bathroom and paced. I was like "yo, f-it," and ended up popping a squat in a dark corner to do my business. When I was finished, I looked over and there was a cop car behind my friend's car. Luckily, the cop was the coolest guy ever. He asked if I needed an ambulance. He knew oh so well what bad food poisoning felt like. Anyways, what a great way to end a weekend in Vegas.-G