Don't Forget

Now is your chance to cast your vote for America's Hottest College Girl. The competition is incredibly fierce, so be sure to vote wisely. Don't delay, there are only a few more hours and you have got some ginormous decisions to make.



  1. Do you want to see Vanilla Ice rap about taxes? No? Really? Whatever, man, I'm linking to it anyway.
  2. Is it wrong that all I think about when I watch this video is running up and pushing this guy down?
  3. Paris Hilton gives someone something other than VD.
  4. You work so hard to get your family on Double Dare- and then you embarass yourselves. Even Mark Summers can't believe it.
  5. Microsoft Vista looks awesome. Seriously though, that's embarassing.


Pic of the Day


Usually, those roller coaster portraits aren't worth the $15.