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In the last summer vacations, my friends and I decided to spend one week in a rented beach house. One night, the girls went out we decided to play a little prank on them: to stage a robbery in our house. We strategically disarranged the living room and we shut down the lights' power source, so that they couldn't turn on the lights. Me and a friend played the role of the burglars while the others were hidden in a room. We were both wearing a jumpsuit, a winter cap and we were armed with knives. When the girls arrived, they were pretty shocked with the state of the living room and then, out of nowhere, me and my friend jumped right in front of them. One of them, while trying to escape, knocked her head on the door. Priceless
Buzz Killington

I just realized me and my roommate have been using the same toothbrush for months now. I guess the jokes really on both of us.
Ryan M from Umass

She was greasy, acted like a cracked out jr high student, and would growl like a rabid animals because she thought it was "cute" when really it made the three of us who had to share a room with her think she was absolutely insane. I mean I had my problems, but when she purposefully used our roommates toothbrush to clean her retainer and contact case, well that was just the last straw. You wonder where that ratty, flea infested stuffed dog you dragged around with you went? Look in the tank of the toilet. You're lucky we didn't do worse after you spilled soda all over my art portfolio, flipped out on our roommate after she pointed out that you were leaving your crayons all over the floor, and prayed unbelievably loudly after you knew all of us were asleep already just to piss us off. Worst two years of my life.
Amanda M from CCM girls Academy

My worst fear moving into the dorms was that I'd get a roommate that was just straight up an idiot and a pig. Well let me tell you, you really are a living nightmare. I understand that sleep is important. But dude, 18 hours a day is just ridiculous. You're known on the hall as the guy who is always sleeping and never comes out of his room. You're always saying how you'll do your homework and straighten up the room yet you're always on Runescape and you never get anything else done. You're only taking 4 classes that you never show up to because "I'm transferring anyway, why should I care?" Your side of the room is a disaster, at one point you couldn't even get to your bed because it was so bad. I feel no guilt whatsoever that your xbox 360 may have red ringed because of me. Trust me, I did you a favor. I'm just glad it was "so old that it could have died at any time" so that when it did kick the bucket you didn't kill me in my sleep. Don't even get me started on your girlfriend. You keep Skype open through the night and watch her sleep. Which isn't so bad until you realize she's 15 years old. Way to go bro. I'll stay Facebook friends with you for a few years just out of curiosity as to how screwed up your life gets.
Steven Sparnac

Mike, when you're not around, I like to play on your macbook while I poop.
PCP P from CUW

Freshman year my roommate was the absolute worst. Name a quality you wouldn't want in a roommate and he had it (i.e., being stuck up, smelling bad, obnoxious, loud, etc.) I just decided to tough it out until one day when I came back from a visit to another school totally hungover only to discover he had aided some of my friends in stealing my mattress. In retaliation, I got my whole floor (nobody thought twice, because we all hated him) to help me dissemble his lofted bed and reassemble it in the bathroom as well as his desk, filing cabinet and most of his belongings. The icing on the cake was when he came back that night, I convinced him it would totally stick it to whoever had done it by sleeping that night in the bathroom.
K Mac from OSU

My best friend who is also my roommate is a heavy gamer. That never bored me, I am one myself. Perfect world, right? Well, it would be, but he refuses to throw away his old Nintendo 64. He has the video game for 10 years and never discarded one single joystick! He used to have 4 drawers filled with over 30 broken pieces. That never bored me until one day he decided 3 drawers wasn't enough room and put a fucking locker in the middle of our VERY SMALL dorm. One day he scheduled a match of Smash bros with some guys. He borrowed 4 functioning joysticks for the event. When his friends arrived to play he realized I had stuffed the 4 good ones among the (almost 40, now) broken ones and he had to test one by one to see which worked. Good luck with that, bro. We are still best friends. He still didn't get rid of the fucking locker.
Carlos Andrade from State University of Rio de Janeiro

Living with you guys has been insufferable. When I had people over, I would have to warn them that my room mates are like living with the nerds in the big bang theory, except its not funny. You would complain about the volume of the TV even though it was only 9pm on a Friday night, you would fuck with the settings on my stereo thinking I wouldn't notice you turning the volume and speaker size down. When I had parties, I would pay the girls to flirt with you so that you wouldn't be upset the next day at us drinking. I'm sick of your bullshit. I've been filling your Brita filter that you so preciously protect with toilet water (from the lower bowl, not the top reservoir), and I've been spitting in your food. Every time I see you fill your water bottle, I smile to myself. I cant wait to move out, Ill be leaving a special surprise for you.
Anon ymous

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