Reality Bites

If Back to School is how 11 year-olds picture college graduation, Reality Bites is how 17 year-olds picture it. It assumes the guise of honesty by being moody and and vaguely depressing, but Winona Ryder's speech reminds us of the true lesson derived from movies about youth culture in 1994: even if it all goes wrong and you mess up completely, you'll probably get away with it and everything will work out fine. And then maybe you can hang out with your friends on a cool roof afterwards.

Say Anything

Diane Court's graduation speech might be the most relatable one on this list. She's a beautiful dork, lauded by her teachers, parents, and fellow student body, and, also, our protagonist has fallen madly in love with her from a distance and will pursue her throughout the rest of the movie. Ok, so it's not really that relatable, but the part where only her dad laughed at her joke was pretty real.