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So one night i was watching a comedic skit by Gabriel Iglesias about how he got out of a speeding ticket because he was blasting the COPS theme song. Being the stupid and always reckless seniors that me and my friends were, we decided that we had nothing better to do on a Saturday night than try and avoid a ticket. After illegally downloading the theme song, we all drew straws to see who would drive. Unfortunately i was the unlucky one but accepted the duty. After driving for about ten minutes we got pulled over for going 61 in a 40. As the cop was walking up we played the song very loud and tried to keep a strait face without laughing.the cop wasn't having it and demanded we turn it off immediately.-Jeremiah Z.

I was on my motorcycle late at night one night. I pulled up to a red light and as with most motorcycles its not enough to trigger the light and make it turn green, so i pulled the red light. I didn't see the cop but he pulled me over. After talking to him for a little while not only did i get out of the ticket for pulling the red light, but i ended up selling the cop my house that i was trying to get sell at the time. Thanks again officer!-Timothy

A couple of years ago, I was sitting at home watching TV with no intentions of going anywhere, when a commercial for Birthday Cake ice cream came on. I immediately decided that I needed some. Right that minute. So I got into my car and some terrible music came on, and it was the best day of my life. Hopelessly distracted by the song and my love of ice cream, I threw my car into reverse and gassed it, slamming right into my neighbor's new car—in front of her whole family, standing a few feet away admiring the new car. They called the police, and when they came, he said because we were neighbors and there were no hard feelings, he wasn't going to give me a ticket. Relieved, I decided to continue on my quest for ice cream. I threw my car into reverse again, and slammed right into the parked cop car. I looked in my rear view mirror, and saw him shaking his head with this disgusted frown. He got out and told me I shouldn't be allowed to drive. I thought he was going to write me a ticket, but he just got in his car and drove off. After all that, the store was out of the ice cream.-Ashley

Last year my girlfriend was acting like a total biotch so I decided to go cheat on her with another tasty morsel. After she hopped on my steed and did the deed, I decided I wanted to go home. It was late and I lived on the other side of campus so I decided to hoof it back to my place for some serious Zs. About halfway through my trek a cop pulled up to me and asked what I was doing. I told him about how I was in a fight with my girlfriend, got drunk, and somehow woke up at 3am in the bed of another girl. The cop determined I was telling the truth and decided to offer me a ride home. When we got back to my pad, he let me out of the car and only said one thing to me, "Don't worry about your girlfriend, you're young, and need to scoop up as much p**** as you can while you can!"-D.B.

A yard party I was at got busted by the cops. We were all above age sothey just told us to leave. I was drunk and decided to askthe cop if I could finish my beverage first. I will always remember thatas the party where I had a cop count down a chug for me.-Kyle

This Week's I Fought the Law and the Aw! WonWhen I was in junior high, I thought it would be funny to hurl eggs at the girl I had crush on's house. Being equal parts terrified and pissed, she called her uncle, who is a cop, to come and take me away in his vehicle. Almost five years to that eggful night is our senior prom. Try and take a guess at how we'll be getting there. Here's a hint: it has sirens. -Paul R.