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Three of my friends and I decided that we should throw a prank at our hometown high school to honor the class of 2011. We live out in the country, so we have access to 6ft by 6ft, 2000lb hay bails. We wanted to block off all the school entrances with the bails, but decided we needed to scout out the campus to see if any police were around. Due to it being the last week of school, a deputy car was parked in the main parking lot. My friends and I thought it would be a good idea to scout out the other parts of the school on foot, so we ditched the car in a hidden place from the main road. Right as we are crossing the road on foot, another police car just happens to be driving down the road and spots us in all black clothing. The cop stops us and calls in more deputies. All of the sudden, cop cars start appearing from everywhere. Seven cop cars show up to talk to four guys (your welcome tax payers). They couldn't prove we were doing anything because we had just been walking along the road, which is legal, so they recorded the fake names we gave them and said we would be the first suspects if anything happens. We went back a few nights after at a later time and pulled off the prank. So far, the only suspects in the paper are our fake names.-Hay Dawg

I don't have a car, so I rarely get to drive. When I do, I'm overly cautious – stopping longer at stop signs than necessary, always using my blinker even if there's nobody there, going under the speed limit – even though it's not totally necessary since I live in a tiny town and there's rarely more than ten people on the road at any given time. One night, I had a huge craving for chips and my stepmom let me take her truck to the store. As I was going home, I got pulled over and of course was freaking out because I was driving really, really carefully. He asked me why I was going ten under the speed limit and I explained I was just being cautious since I didn't drive much. He didn't seem to believe me until I explained I just went out to get some chips. The cop asked for some, and after I gave him a handful, he let me go and told me to "stop driving like a such a cheese-fingered piss pants."-R.S.

My brother and I were on our way to pick up a friend, and in order to do so we had to make an illegal left turn onto the wrong side of the road. This coupled with the fact that my brother was on the the phone with the friend we were picking up made it look to be an expensive ticket if we got pulled over. We did. The cop asked what we were up to and for some reason, when it came out that we were brothers he burst into tears, got back into his car, and drove off.-Joey

A few days ago, I was travelling back to my school when a cop pulled me over on the highway. I had been gunning past a car when he pulled me over, and I was blasting System of a Down. As the cop approached the car, he lowered his head and said, "Is that Lost in Hollywood by system?" I nodded and told him I was only trying to pass the car ahead of me. He stood there, nodding his head to the music and began to somewhat sing along with the chorus. After a minute of singing, he turns and walks away saying "You have a good day son." System of a Down saved me from a super speeder ticket.-Spencer

At homecoming in my Junior year of high school, I was driving back to by house from my date's. I was flying past one of the side streets I saw a member of the police department. I immediately started freaking out ready to be fined or even worst arrested, as I was going much faster than I should have. For whatever reason, instead of him pulling me offer, he just stopped at the next light. He then rolled down his window and motioned for me to do the same. He then said "Son don't do that again" I replied "Yes, sir" then he just nodded at me, flicked on his sirens blew through the red light.-Riley