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My mum and I were driving home and I was using the internet on my phone when my mum asked, 'what are you doing?' I then replyed that I was checkng facebook. Amazed, my mum said, 'wow, the internet must be pretty fast around here cause im going 100km/h.'
Tyler Coster

My mum needed to find out train times for our local station, I told her that typing train times into google would give her the best results. After twenty minutes I walk into the office to discover that she has been searching for train times on the wikipedia page for the history of our local station.
Dean Humphreys from University of the West of England

At a recent family get together, one of my younger cousins brought an ipad to the kitchen table. My dad says "Hey, is that a facebook?"
Keith Chicoine

This is a monologue from my mom about the difference between 3G, 4G, and 3D (I was typing as she spoke):

"I think 3g and 4g have to do with different satellite things. I think 3G is maybe third generation but 4G is 4th generation but it all has to do with satellite stuff. When I go into the stores and look at 3G and 4G TVs, it looks blurry. Laugh all you want! It's blurry. Do I need certain glasses to look at it? I don't understand. Do you not see blur when you look at those big flat screen TVs? The big flat screen 3Gs and 4Gs TVs. The people's heads are blurry and smaller. So explain to me the difference between 3G, 4G and 3D. I don't get it."
Samitha Kelley

My mom told me to stop taking pictures on my phone because, if I continued, we were gonna get a huge bill that month
Dylan D'alessandro from U.R.I

My grandma asked me to check her phone's voicemail from my phone by typing in her password. She insisted that it would work and that I should at least try.
Becca R

My grandfather lives with us, and he's actually much more computer savvy than my mother, but then again, that isn't saying much. So, when I had to print a paper, I emailed it to myself and opened it on his computer, the only one in the house with a working printer. After I finished printing it, he asked if I needed to keep the document. When I told him I didn't need it, he began to backspace the whole thing. All 14 pages of it.
Andrew F

My mom calls me, screaming that she can't log into her email. She says she doesn't understand why. She's putting the correct password, she tells me, the new one. Surprised, I asked her when she had changed her password. She says today…on Facebook.
Rii Gutierrez

After my wedding, my uncle mailed a USB flash drive to my mom with wedding pictures on it. Why he didn't just email the pictures, I have no idea. After my mom got the flash drive, she called my wife proclaiming that the drive did not fit into the port when she tried to connect it to the computer. Apparently, she was trying to put the USB flash drive in the SD memory card slot on her printer. Then, she thought it had to go into the Sony memory stick slot because the flash drive "looks like a stick". My wife explained that those slots were meant for camera memory cards. She replied "But it has pictures on it."
Jonathan Reggio

My mum was trying to buy something on the internet, and she called me downstairs to ask me how she gets an empty basket. I told her that you don't need to 'get' one, but she didn't understand where she put all the things she wanted to buy.
Kit G from SCC

My mom has waited four months for me to come home from school to open an attachment in an email for her, because she didn't know how, and didn't want to bother me while I was busy. Why didn't she ask my live-at-home sister? Because I'm the computer science major. Only I and a select few who go to college for these things are bestown with this knowledge. My sister plays along with this to not have to deal with my mom's stupidity.
Kalinka B from U of I

My mom insists her Dell Tablet is the new "Ipad". This is because when she ordered it, she typed "Ipad" in the search box on the Dell website and that was the first thing that popped up.
Nikki L.

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