Ever have a funny/interesting/awesome run in with the law? Want to incriminate yourself on a worldwide-scale? Submit your stories here.

I go to a large university, and as such, I ride my bike everywhere. It's a really nice road bike, and I work out a lot, so I can easily get it up to 35+ mph. On my way to an 8 AM lecture one day, there were literally no cars on the road with the sole exception of a police car that had been there since I passed it the night before. I had a long, straight road out ahead of me, so I decided to push myself a bit. I heard the siren and saw the flashing lights behind me just after I zipped past the police car. Expecting the typical, "You know why I stopped you?" I pulled over, and the officer said in stereotypical Southern-drawl, "Y'all know the campus speed limit's 25, right? 'Cause I caught you there at 38 mph. I'm s'posed to be givin' you a $60 fine right now, but I'm gonna let you off with a warning because son, that was gosh-darned impressive. Keep the warnin' as a trophy, and have yourself a nice day." None of my friends ever believe me until they see the warning slip with the details neatly written out, and the additional note reading, "Cyclist exceeded speed limit, 38 mph in a 25 mph zone. Too impressed to issue fine." By the way, I made it to the lecture on time.-Lance

When me and my friends were big into Call of Duty and other shooting games. We used to go over to eachother houses and bring TVs and our PS3s and play multiplayer right next to eachother. Well my friend and I were going to my friends house and we decided to walk (he lives maybe a block away). So there is a busy street and we ran across it with our TVs and PS3s and we heard sirens (and us being stupid) we ran faster and cut into the woods and made it to his house. When we got there our friend was locking the doors and turning on the alarm we asked him why he was doing that he said, "Because the cops just called me and told me to watch out for guys that just robbed a store and took TVs!" I thinked we laughed for 30 straight minutes.-Fo Man

I'm a voluntary fireman and got bleeped one night because of a major fire at a factory. So I got in my car and rushed to the station to get my kit on and get going. I was almost there when a cop car showed up behind me, flashing its lights. I didn't think too much of it because I was just about half a mile from the station and I was sure they would let me go without a ticket as soon as they saw me pulling onto the driveway (hey, this was a genuine emergency). Anyway, the cops followed me all the way and when I got out of the car, they jumped out of theirs and ordered me to halt and put my hands up. So while they were doing their 'do you know why we pulled you over blah blah blah' routine, the captain shows up and goes 'What's going on here? We have to get moving, you d****heads.' That didn't sit too well with the cops and so they decided to take both of us to the police station, me for 'reckless driving' and the captain for 'insulting a police officer'. They got onto their radio and signalled to the police station that they had picked up suspects at the fire station. They lady on the other end replied 'Uhmmm, are they firemen?' The cop asked us if we were, we said yes and he repeated it over the radio. All we heard was 'Well you better let them go then because they need every man at the fire.' The cop's face was priceless. I love being a fireman.-Dave

I had bought a bouquet of flowers from a charity just for the hell of it and didnt really know what I was gonna do with them, later that day I was driving while talking on my cell phone and an unmarked dodge charger pulled up next to me on the highway, he followed off the exit and fired up the roof. As he was taking my license and reg/ins he noticed the flowers on my passenger seat and asked who they were for, the first thing that popped into my head was "my mother" (cheesy i know) and hes like is it her birthday? I said no it was "just because" he smiled called me a good son and let me off with no ticket. -Ryan

I'm from Miami and have been an avid Heat fan my whole life. In high school, me and my friends would watch almost every game at the same sushi place. One day I stayed late at school to work on some project, and by the time I left the game had already started. I was speeding to the restaurant while listening to the game on the radio when I got pulled over for not using my turn signal at a 4-way stop. The cop walks up to my window, and asks, "Is that the heat game?" (I forgot to turn the radio off). I said yeah and he explained to me how he isn't allowed to listen to the game in the squad car and wanted to know if he could listen for a while. I said sure, and he sat in my passenger seat for about 10 minutes yelling every time we scored and cursing out the other team. Once he left he just said thank you and went on his way, no ticket, no warning, no problem.-Matt G.