Do your parents not understand technology? Do they ask you stupid questions? Do they send you absurd text messages? If you've got an example of your Parents Just Dont Understanding, submit it here!And thank God well never be as dumb as they are!

My mom thinks the tv remote can start a fire if left on the couch overnight.

I couldn't tell you why, but last winter my parents went to see the first part of the seventh Harry Potter movie, despite both of them having never seen any of the prior movies or reading the books. My dad texted me the entire time, asking me to explain the plot. He kept referring to "Hans Gruber" as a character in the movie.

Whenever my mom gets mad at me, she unfriends me on Facebook.
Nick G

I scanned a color photo into my mom's computer using her printer/copier/faxer/scanner. When the picture came up on the computer screen, it was in black and white. When I told her that I just needed to tweak a few settings to get it to scan in full color, she insisted that she could just add more color-ink because she knew it was running low and this was certainly the problem…
Dirty McCurdy from The College of Idaho

My mom won't let me turn her camera sideways when I take a picture because she can't figure out how to rotate the pictures when she uploads them.
Juliana McK

I called my grandmother one night to ask if she had the cable I use for connecting my camcorder to a TV, since I often take it to her house to show her family events she can't attend. She told me she did have it, and that I could pick it up that night. After I arrived, she went into the basement to get it and returned with my old Super Nintendo. How she got those two things confused, I will never know.
Tim Blair from WVU

My mother just walked into my room and asked "Is there a way to forward an email to everybody on my contacts list?"
B Fogg

My dad has an iPod Touch that he treasures. He thinks he is very technologically "smart" for having one. But he feels the need to update it with 3 separate computers. A laptop with iTunes to load up the music. An older computer (not connected to the internet) to keep a record of the music, on a word document that lists every song. A third very old, very slow computer used to search for album art that is then loaded on a jump drive and taken to the iTunes laptop. He believes this the norm for everyone with an iPod.
Katie Foehrkolb from University of Texas at Austin

My grandmother refuses to call text messages "text messages" despite my numerous attempts to sound it out for her and even spell it for her. I even explained that they're called that because they are messages that are received in text form. Instead she calls them "tech messages" because "they come from technology." Every e-mail and cellphone call is a "tech message." My phone rings; "I think you got a tech message."
Ashley C from SBC

My great Aunt and Uncle spend every winter in Florida and like to travel a lot. Each time they are on the road in between destinations they send an email to their entire email list asking everyone to "hold their emails until they get back." They don't understand that the emails will just be in the inbox when they get to somewhere with internet.
Amanda R

My laptop recently crashed so I've been using my father's desktop. Since school is out, I've been up at all hours online. He woke up up one morning yelling at me because I "broke his internet" and "gave him a virus". His reasoning was because a captcha had appeared not letting him into his e-mail and he couldn't figure out how to get past it or what it was.
Jonathon N. from Juilliard School of Drama.

My 4 year old brother got on the computer opened google chrome and made it to without my instruction or for that matter knowledge. My 80+ year old grandma calls my iPad a Facebook.
Who Cares

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