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One of my favorite shows on TV is 30 Rock. If you've never seen it, you're missing out on something fantastic.  If you have seen it you're no doubt familiar with Katrina Bowden, the ultra-sexy secretary, Cerie, who only dates guys who drink Snapple.  As a Snapple-drinking, red-blooded American male I was no doubt excited when she agreed to our request for an interview.  Below is what we talked about.

Do you watch Studio 60?  If so, what do you think of it?
No, I don't watch Studio 60, I've actually only seen half of one episode.

You were in a Fallout Boy video.  Was Pete Wentz as odd in person as he comes across in the media?  Did he try to bite you or borrow your eye makeup?
Working with fall out boy was really fun..they are all really nice guys.  Pete Wentz had plenty of his own eye makeup so there was no real need for me to keep mine under close watch- but my lip gloss was a completely different story. He only tried to bite me once.
2 episodes ago everyone sits around and plays Boff, Dump or Marry.  A) Who in your cast would you pick for each in real life and B) Was it weird to say “Boff” instead of “Do”?

Hmm, marry, boff, kill for my fellow 30 Rockers? Well, I'd marry Alec Baldwin because he's Alec Baldwin, I'd boff no one because I have an amazing boyfriend, and I'd kill Judah Friedlander so I could take his impressive hat collection.
Yes, it was kind of strange saying "boff" instead of do. I mean, who even uses the term "boff"?
Who is the funniest person on the show?
There is absolutely no way I could deem one fellow cast member "the funniest." Let's just say that between us all, there is never a dull moment on set.
You’re extremely young (18) considering where you're at in your career, how did that happen?

Well, I have been acting and modeling since the age of 14. And honestly, it took a lot of hard work, determination and about a zillion auditions.  But it was all so worth it because I've come so far and I love where I'm at right now.  I wouldn't change a thing!
Is Tracy as insane in real life as his character on the show?
Tracy is actually very proper in real life, contrary to popular belief.  He comes to set in a tuxedo every day and spends most of his off-camera time burning incense and reading the dictionary.

Is it easy or hard to play a dumb person?
Playing dumb on the show? Who, me? I  wasn't aware that I was doing that, apparently I'm naturally amazing at it.

How much of a Jersey girl are you? For instance, does the desire to tease your hair and scream Bon Jovi lyrics burn inside you?
FORTUNATELY, I am not the typical "Jersey girl." Although I can't deny that I do occasionally find myself humming the the lyrics to "Living on a Prayer" but RARELY do I scream them out in public, only sometimes.

How many takes of the face-licking scene from last week’s episode did you and Jack McBrayer do? Does your character have a secret crush on him?
We did sooooo many takes of the face licking scene for the Valentines Day episode!  Jack and I started shooting at around 10:30 PM at the ice rink and didn't finish until about midnight. It was 5 degrees out that night, I was wearing a mini-skirt (of course), my cheek was numb, and Jack kept getting a "mouthful of Maybelline" as he stated. It's kind of funny looking back. My character MIGHT have a secret crush on him, you'll just have to keep watching to see!
Has anyone on the show hit on you when the cameras weren’t rolling.  No names needed, just curious
No one has really hit on me per-say. I mean, I am about 8-10 years younger than the other people on the cast and crew, everyone is cool.  I'm the baby of the group and everyone basically treats me like their "little sister."

What’s the worst thing about working in TV? Best thing?
The worst thing about working on TV is when we shoot long 12-15 hour days.  That means I'll usually have early morning call times, which are never fun.  But even that isn't that bad because I love being on set and I love what I do.  As long as you are passionate about your job, even the "worst things" don't really seem that bad.

The best thing is getting to work with and meet so many amazingly talented people

Based on what you’ve seen, If The Girlie Show were real, do you think it’d be funny?
I think that if the Girlie Show were real it would be funny.  The sketches are weird, but weird is funny. I mean, look at SNL, comedy gold still going strong!

You’re character is very ditzy, what’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever done in real life?
Well we all have our "moments." I cant really pinpoint one specific moment that I would call the "dumbest" thing I ever did. But the other day, my boyfriend wanted to eat a grilled cheese sandwich  (but he's allergic to cheese) so I said, "Well can't you ask them to just make it without cheese? Oh, wait. shit. Never mind." That was pretty stupid.

We haven’t learned much about your character yet.  What can you tell us about her that we don’t know?
My character is a young, hot, carefree girl who comes from parents with a lot of money.  She doesn't want to work, but does it anyway "just because."  She means well, even though it doesn't come across that way.

Make sure to watch 30 Rock Thursday night at 9:30 on NBC.  Seriously, you won't be disappointed.