It's been an entire week since your last confession and there's been a lot of good, solid sinning going on across the country. Check out the top 8 and don't forget to submit your misdeeds to our submission page!

Remember when you accused Zak for putting the Go-Gurt under the toilet seat and then you sat on it and got it all over your favorite jeans? That was me. Sorry buddy.
C. Smith

Noah, I used to fling boogers at you while you were asleep. One went in your mouth.
Alex C.

Your cat did not run away, I gave him to the Human Society. It's not like you took care of him anyways, you dumb bitch.
Annabelle H. from Clarion University

No you do not have Erectile dysfunction. I have been crushing up progesterone(female hormones) pills and putting it in all of your food. Next time you feel like making fun of my sister for her breast cancer I won't take the passive route. I'll beat your fucking face in.
R. Celsing

My roommate has an unnatural hatred of Michael McIntyre, refusing to keep his live show dvd in his extensive dvd collection. So with the help of my brother we scanned the Michael McIntyre cover and proceeded to print hundreds of copies using them over every dvd he owned as well as several of his books. That was two years ago and he is still finding them.
Craig R

Dude's my best friend, but I lived with him my sophomore year in campus housing. He had an eccentric habit of taking baths when he's stressed out. Not showers, not 30-minute baths, but 2-hour sitting in the tub, with muzak. It was alright for a while but when you're living with 2 other people and constant visitors, it got a bit weird. One time, he left the door open and I needed to pee, and completely scared the shit out of me when I found him in the tub. I would mess with him and stress him out to a point where he would take a bath afterwards. Cause I peed in the tub every time.

Jay you remember that time you called me a bum? Yeah, I do cause it really pissed me off. So when you went back home for the break I slept with Paige in your bed. Hope you washed your sheets a couple of times. Don't call me a bum again you punk. Other than that you were a great roommate. I hope you read this I did her in other Jay's bed too. (Both of my roommates names were Jay)
Cody H.

As the 3rd floor RA of a outdoor hotel style residence building, Residents like to skateboard on my floor. This wouldn't be so bad if the sound of them skateboarding didn't echo throughout the building and if they didn't find enjoyment from hitting my door as they passed. These hooligans aren't my residents so I find particular joy from torturing them. I leave branches strategically placed around the floor to trip the up. Watching them fall and break their face brings me particular enjoyment and is worth the paper work I have to file afterwards. Maybe you wouldn't crack your front teeth on the ground if you wouldn't skateboard on the third floor. Stop banging on my door and maybe the branches will disappear as well.
Resident Assistant

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