Ever have a funny/interesting/awesome run in with the law? Want to incriminate yourself on a worldwide-scale? Submit your stories here.

I was at a local amusement park today and I was about to go on a roller coaster that took a picture at the end. I was so excited to take a silly picture and get it posted on CollegeHumor, so I was concocting some ideas, but I was running out of time, so I just decided to take out my phone and pretend that I was on a call while making some ridiculous face. Well, little did I know that they took people taking out cell phones on rides very seriously. The photo must have been pretty funny, as the security guard asked to keep it as he escorted me out.-Jean-Luc

I was 16 years old and driving to a sushi bar place with my girlfriend for a pretty big date. I was going down a hill and lost track of how fast i was going and was pulled over right before I was on the highway. The cop walked up to my car and I was freaking out trying to figure out what I had done to get pulled over and for the life of me I couldn't think of anything to say except the one thing I had seen in a movie, the "What seems to be the problem, officer?" The cop looked like he was about ready to pull me out of the car and pistol whip me but restrained himself to saying "You know damn well what the problem is, I clocked you at 53 back there. You know what the speed limit is? 35!" At my court date, being a smart-ass, I suggested that the officer was dyslexic, which the judge did not find to funny. I lost my license for 6 months.-Joe

I was driving home from work one night and had my iPod on shuffle in my car. I'm a pretty big sucker for 80's music, and when She Drives Me Crazy by the Fine Young Cannibals came on, I started dancing pretty wildly in my seat. A speeding cop came out of nowhere with his sirens on right next to me and motioned me to pull over. When I did, the police officer came running up to my window, panicking. Apparently he thought because I'm rather overweight and was flailing around, not knowing that it was merely dancing, that I was have a "heart attack or seizure or something". I told him I was just dancing and after several minutes he let me go. I don't dance that much while driving anymore.-Chad

After a rough morning I heard the magical music of an ice cream truck passing my house and decided to make a mad dash for it. Turns out the kids playing next door had the same idea but were to slow. A passing cop turns the corner to the sight of a 6'3 21yr old running away from a pack of 9-year-olds and mistakenly thought i was some kind of pedophile. After realizing i was not a child molester and feeling bad he had just cost me my chance at frozen deliciousness, he apologized, drove me around the corner to catch up with the truck and paid for my ice cream-Josh

I was in Brooklyn for the first time at sixteen and promptly was taken by my much older brother and his friends to my first ever real party, where I met a pretty girl ten years older than me and three drinks deeper in as well. I left with her to hang out and decided we should go to the park around 1 AM where we took our drinks. I made a serious move on her as she exhibited filthy skills on a jungle-gym and she suggested we head to her place. The police came as we were apparently trespassing. I was terrified out of my skull as the girl was merely annoyed until the cops gestured to me and the drink.

"He's under-age" one of the cops said, gesturing to the drink.

"What?" She said. I had told her I was 22.

"No" the cop said. "He's under, under age."

Thanks a lot. I was totally cop-blocked.-Anonymous