Ever have a funny/interesting/awesome run in with the law? Want to incriminate yourself on a worldwide-scale? Submit your stories here.

I got pulled over driving home, and the cop asked for license and registration. I gave him my license and he said, "Well, you look like a good person" and let me go.-Sheri

When I was in high school my boyfriend and I would park in a secluded spot behind the middle school to make out. One night, while we were half undressed in my car, I see lights coming up behind us. I turn around and see it's a police car and start flipping out. The policeman flashes his high beams at us but I didn't know what that meant. I didn't want to assume he was ushering us to go because I didn't want to get in even more trouble if I peeled out of there. My boyfriend disagreed and kept shouting "Just go!" After arguing with my boyfriend for a few minutes about what we were supposed to do, I hear a knock on the window and turned to see the policeman, politely averting his eyes from our partial nudity, and shouting "Listen to him! Just go!" I took off a few seconds later.-Caitlin

In high-school I was smoking weed with some friends late one night in the park when a pair of cops came through. We were absolutely terrified, and handed it over panicked. The cops checked the small baggie we had on us, smelled it and started laughing. Someone sold my friend crushed tea-leaves as weed. I've never been so embarrassed and relieved.-Sparky

While on vacation, my friends and I were "letting the good times roll," as they say, and some uptight cop came up to us and threatened to ticket us for both public drunkenness and disturbing the peace. That would be a lot of beer money, so I told him the first thing I could think of: that we weren't drunk, we were performance artists. He didn't believe us, obviously. Knowing our lives were on the line, we just started dancing our hearts out, pulling in spectators to join us and stirred the crowd into a frenzy. The cop just shook his head and left.-Matt

Last night, my partner in crime and I "forked" my school's front lawn. This morning, I "de-forked" my school's front lawn. I guess the saying is true, you can pick your friends, you can pick your nose, but you can't pick your friend's dad's profession—so be sure to find out whether or not he's a cop.-Len