Oh Man, this show is really starting to heat up. Power-Sucker is learning how to use his abilities, but he may have just burned a bridge with Invisible Dundee, which makes me sad, I really loved his character. Anyone who can turn invisible and be that bad ass with a bo staff would make a tight ninja.

I am also a huge fan of teaming up a la the X-men/X-factor/X-force or
any other non-X groups. ESPig, Fall Out Boy, and Princess Emoticon
teaming up makes me happy in my special area. All they are missing is spandex body suits, especially the girl. Seriously she is wicked hot, there is something especially sexy about a girl I could go down on, and she could check my fantasy football stats…with her MIND!

I was very happy when Sylar killed The Adventures of Baron Von Munchausen reject Sonar-chanic. She annoyed me, its also great that Sylar finally has shown some weakness. Spooky dude with a weird MO and a weakness, makes for a great super-villian.

The only thing about the episode that made me sad was when the Asian Wondertwins parted ways, I haven't cried that much since the old lady forgot who James Garner was in The Notebook.

Sorry for the short article this week guys, I passed out at the computer and must have cut my neck on something, because I have these two little nicks on my neck, and an affinity for the strong silent Haitian type.