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My roommate was on the phone with her friend and I heard her say that she carries around lube with her wherever she goes. I told my friend and my friend told the entire campus and now everyone thinks she's a slut. The kicker? Turns out she was talking about BIKE lube. My bad, Julia.
Layla R

Ever figure out why those cookies tasted funny? No? Well it was because of the chocolate covered bacon I put in them. I had a feeling you wouldn't recognize the taste, you being kosher and all. That's what you get for constantly eating my food without asking bitch. Have fun in hell!
Rosanna L. from USF

I still FB stalk an old roommates girlfriend from 4 years ago.
Harry S. from SSU

Hey Marc, remember when you made fun of my sister behind my back for having a wooden leg? Well, it just so happens that has a lot to do with why your hair gradually fell out throughout the semester and why every morning you woke up and a different tire was missing off your car. But the real icing on the cake for me, is how you never could figure out why you had no t-shirts, it's probably because I would take shits and wipe with your clothes and then leave them outside your now ex-gf's door. Don't you dare make fun of my sister, fucking asswipe.
D. Licious from Wvu

So after putting up with several months of my roommate being a dick to me and my girlfriend, I decided he needed to be taught a lesson. I started off by putting a few drops of a chemical hot sauce called "satan's blood", which is 100,000 times hotter than a jalapeno pepper, into his shampoo, body wash and laundry detergent, also all over his razor, deodorant, and toothbrush. And I plan on spicing up his food next after I figure out which stuff in the fridge is his. Next time, don't be such a bastard to your roommate's girlfriend.
Joe H. from OSU

I never liked my roommate's girlfriend as she was a bitch and was over all the time. So whenever I would come back from a party I would piss on her car. Not just anywhere, but the driver's side door handle. No one likes you and everyone I've told this to has congratulated me.
Nick J. from virginia tech

Everytime I visit the rugby house I piss in the shampoo bottle and steal my milk for the week, religiously for an entire semester. Basically they have been washing their heads with piss and paying for my milk for months
M. Smith from U of I Champaign

Dearest Hanna, you know that rumour about you being "a lil' bit of both" and that's why you wouldn't sleep w/ any of your boyfriends (and that the purity ring was just an excuse)? Yeah, well that was me, oops! Next time you slam all other religious groups but your own, make sure they aren't in the room! ps do they still call you "Halfway-Hanna"? lol
J Tanz

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