Do your parents not understand technology? Do they ask you stupid questions? Do they send you absurd text messages? If you've got an example of your Parents Just Dont Understanding, submit it here!And thank God well never be as dumb as they are!

My mom and I were walking around Best Buy looking for gifts for father's day. I pointed out that we should get my dad an iPad. While we were looking at them my mom said, "Oh, they only come in black and white?" After I said yes, she looks at me puzzled and said, "Why is this one playing a movie in color?"
Jeremy R

I moved to Colorado a while back and my Dad wanted to get me in contact with his good friend close by. He had hand written his friends e-mail address and couldn't make out one of the letters. He said it was either or, I would have to try both.
Greg C

My mom ordered a vaccuum from a website online, only to realize she found a better deal at a local store a few hours later. Instead of cancelling the order online, she thought it was a better idea to cancel her credit card.
Angela S

A few years back, I was staying at my aunt's house for a few days. She said I could install a game on her computer to play, as long as I uninstalled it before I left. I uninstalled the game, and emptied her trash on her computer. Days later I get a call with her very upset with me for deleting her internet. Apparently, she had kept her AOL in her trash – you know, where you keep all of your important files?!
Trevor Vaughn

My elderly neighbour rang the house phone from her moblie looking for me. When I asked why she was ringing from her moblie, which she never uses, she said she thought i wasn't home and wanted to make sure she got me. So why i ask did she ring the house phone, which I'd have to be home to answer?
V Reilly from TCD

My mom was making posters for a local fun fair. Instead of printing 30 copies, she made 30 pages of the same flyer. On top of that, she didn't even copy and paste it, she scrolled up and down to make sure she wrote the same thing on every page.
Dis Guy

We got my grandparents a navigation system for Christmas a few years ago. We later found out he returned it because he apparently couldn't stand taking directions from a woman.
Jon K from Maryland

My dad just sent me an email that simply said 'Check this out C:Documents and SettingsbevarzDesktopaseako electric bike.htm'
Craig Bevan

My mum just asked, "What time does Amazon close?"
Toby Hamshaw

My father-in-law got a new PC, he asked me to install Windows on it. When I fired it up with disks in hand I realized it had Windows and everything else he needed on it and was ready to go. He insisted that he was missing 'windows' and I had 'installed them for him on his last computer'. Still very confused and not wanted to be disrespectful I inquired what exactly he thought 'windows' were. After much discussion the answer was 2 word documents I had saved to his desktop from his work e-mail…duh.
Son in-law

My family was flicking through the channels on the tv looking for something to watch, when my dad saw snakes on a plane. I said we should watch it and my mother replied, "What's Snakes on a Plane about?"
charlie irish

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