Have a lousy job? Friends, family, and coworkers alike tired of listening to you complain? Well, send your stories here and lift some of the burden off of your already crushed soul. No drug test required.

I work at a craft and home decor chain as a cashier and department head. A woman complained to our customer service manager about me and said that I was being rude by having my back to her. Our registers face different ways, and I happened to be checking out a customer on a register that faced away from her.-Keri

One time while I was working as a supermarket courtesy clerk, a man came up to me and asked where he could find some "doctor paper." Confused, I went to one of the stock guys and asked him what it is and where I could find it. He also had no idea, so I went back to the customer and told him that we didn't have any doctor paper, but might be getting some next week. Twenty minutes and a long conversation with my manager later, the man received two bottles of Dr. Pepper—courtesy of my next paycheck.-Chuck

I'm a student who works part time for the campus IT Help Desk. One night last year we get a call from a really insane person. The caller is rambling in-coherently about 9/11 and his password-it gets passed off immediately to our security officer. He claims that there is a group of Liberian American dentists who have implanted chips in peoples mouths since 1994. These chips use a "mental wave technology" that allows the Oklahoma/Twin Towers/9-11/bombers to read the thoughts of people who have an outspoken nature against terror. He says that these chips are installed by these Liberian American dentists by their Asian assistants, they FBI and CIA is also in on the plot so no one will investigate these crimes. Oh and he said that they are also responsible for the thousands of missing children in the United States. I'm still not sure why he called us about a password.-Andy

I work at a really popular family owned restaurant. The day after Thanksgiving is the busiest day of the year for us. This year I had a table of complete a**hats that decided to leave me a five percent tip, on a bill well over one-hundred dollars. This was not the worst part. They decided that the table where they sat, in front of a crowded section of thirteen tables would be the best place to change a baby's diaper, then leave the dirty diaper on the seat after they left.-L

I used to work at the Menard's hardware store in my hometown pushing carts in from the parking lot. I live in Nebraska, right in the middle of tornado alley. One day my fellow carryout and I were pushing in carts as usual when the sky got really black and the wind picked up, about 30 seconds later it started pouring rain. The wind was blowing so hard that it blew out one set of automatic doors in the front of our store. At this point we were in a tornado freaking warning with sirens and all. My counterpart and I were told to stand inside the doors, holding them shut and getting drenched by the rain pouring in, while all the customers and other employees took cover in the tornado shelter. Eventually the storm passed and we managed to not get killed. Best part? We had to go outside afterwards and bring in the rest of the carts that had been blown all over the parking lot. This all happened two hours into my eight hour shift, which I spent the rest of soaking wet.-Jake

I work at a fairly large restaurant/dairy store in my home town. One of my many odd jobs is putting away delivery orders that come in on a weekly business. Dealing mostly with food, I am reminded to rotate the stock every time I do the job so that the oldest stuff is used first. Anyways, the other day my boss reprimanded for not rotating properly. What did I forget to rotate? The place-mats we use on our serving trays.-Nick