CinderellaDear Dad,Happy Father's Day! It makes me so happy that I am the only girl in your life. If you remarried I would probably become so crazy and sad I would start to talk to rodents. Good thing you would never do something like that! You're the best,Ella

The Little MermaidDad,You're a good dad. Everything is OK. I like my life here.Ariel

Goldilocks and the Three BearsWishing you a standard, mediocre, totally average Father's Day! -Goldilocks

AladdinDaddy-You are the best daddy. You buy me a PET TIGER. You buy me a husband prince. You buy me a headband and TWO ponytails and a blue bra to wear AS A SHIRT. You are the best daddy!Jasmine

MulanDaddy!Guess what? For Father's Day I got us matching haircuts!! :O – Mulan

Hansel and GretelPapa,We know it's tough times wit the famine. Thank you for taking care of us und not giving up on us und still loving us und feeding us food und drink. You love us!! Und it shows :) – Hansel und Gretel

The Boy Who Cried WolfDear dad,Happy fa- HOLY CRAP WATCH OUT